Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life Goes On

Posting has been light of late. I am neglecting my blog, a good sign that the rest of my life is clicking along at full speed. I'm deep into rehearsals for Oliver Twist and The Pickwick Papers in the Riverside Dickens Festival. I play Mr. Brownlow in the first show and Mr. Wardle in the second show. I've also been cast as the First Gravedigger in Hamlet, a fun role.

I'm working with some other actors toward starting a theatre company that will emphasize classical drama and give me a place I can develop my own plays. I have a list of plays I would like to produce by authors such as Ibsen, Schiller, Hugo, Corneille and others. I'm always reading plays, looking for something great to add to my list.

My Dean guitar came in the mail. It's really nice. You can buy a good guitar cheap these days. It's not a top-notch guitar like a Les Paul or an American Stratocaster, but it gets the job done just fine.

And I'm writing and working full time. I turned 51 last week.

I'm looking forward to the Florida Primary. I support Rudy Giuliani because he is a social liberal, the farthest Republican candidate from the religious right. Also he supports war against militant Islam and seems to be for less government, although such talk means little from either party these days.

You know, when I started this blog I did it for free. With cost of living increases to cover inflation, Blogger should be paying me by now, don't you think? ;)


pwbeatty (Sark) said...

"Blogger should be paying me by now, don't you think?"

We can both only hope that it comes to pass for both of us :)

Good luck in the theatre endevors.

Anonymous said...

hey man, love your blog, keep it up!

Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Break a leg in your on going stage work. I wish you the best in getting your own productions going. Thanks for the time you've put in blogging. I, for one, enjoy your work very much, and if I were a blogger big wig, I'd vote to pay you, but only to get you under contract. :-)

Myrhaf said...

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. It's tough finding time to do everything one would like. I would like to have written something today, perhaps about Bill Gates's foolish speech at Davos, but there's no time.

Anonymous said...

If any of you would like to contribute to Myrhaf's theatre company I'm sure we could work out something :)


Myrhaf said...

We'd have to make it a 501(c)(3) before anyone would want to contribute money. Finding and keeping a Board of Directors within the non-profit rules can be a hassle for a small theatre company. These are kinds of issues we're discussing.