Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last Night's Dream

I just awoke from an extraordinarily vivid dream. It was a movie in my head.

I was in a science fictional city full of busy sounds and shops, all quite colorful. People were walking around everywhere. There were tall buildings with balconies. It was like the Kodak Theatre complex in Hollywood, but taken farther.

On a huge screen McDonald's played a commercial of coffee being poured into a cup. But this was not regular coffee, it was coffee with swirls, strings and blotches of color. The colors danced and swirled in slow motion to glorious, captivating music.

The people watched in fascination from wherever they were. It was the greatest thing they had seen, a state of the art video.

On a balcony stood Nick Nolte watching the commercial. Long after it stopped, he stood there, sad and defeated. He was a movie director and he realized that nothing he had done, nothing he could do, would ever be as moving, as effective and as good as that video of a poured cup of coffee. All of his work trying to craft stories for the screen, trying to bring meaning and philosophy to movies, was a waste of time: people only wanted a colorful cup of coffee set to music.


pwbeatty (Sark) said...

I learned a long time ago that I probably shouldn't share my dreams with people outside my immediate family... way too many mental instability questions would arise :)

Richard said...

I think your dream was fantastic and well worth sharing. Advertising has by far the greatest number of brilliant moments on screen.

BTW, I have heard Nolte in interviews and he speaks with all the clarity of an LSD and Heroin burn-out. He makes Keith Richards seem lucid. I think Nick Nolte, in your dream, wasn't even thinking.

It is more likely the actual thinking was you! Except it was not you in defeat, it was you in awe and admiration, seeing something worth aspiring to. Can you introspect to see? Perhaps, if the sense was truly negative, then you are dreaming a sense of regret.

What little I know of you, I would say that your dream presents a quality in you that points to your admiration of The Good. A sign of a good subconscious mind, and a hope or aspiration.

Myrhaf said...

I think Nick Nolte is just an actor's face my subconscious mind brought up. The dream continued beyond what I wrote, making no sense as dreams do. Later the actor morphed into Kurt Russell.

I think the dream is an expression of my Dominique/Mencken side, a bitterness at the low standards of the mob.

Richard said...

Makes sense to me :)