Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

And a wild year 2008 looks to be. Just think, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, it will be the first time in history that the French President is more pro-American than the American President.

Not that I think she will win, but it could happen. The best hope of the Democrats is a recession that the MSM blames on the Republicans. Some economists think a recession is coming. The recession will be especially bad for Republicans if Mike Huckabee apologizes for it. (Can we all agree the man is an imbecile and just ignore him?)

Leonard Peikoff argues in his December 23, 2007 podcast (if I understand his argument correctly) that it is important to vote for the Democrat, no matter how good the Republican candidate is, because the Republican Party is the home of the religious right, which is the most dangerous force for tyranny on the horizon and the only one that is growing in power. It's a hard position for me to accept. The environmentalists strike me as a more immediate threat, but then with Bush signing the bill outlawing incandescent light bulbs and a bill increasing automobile regulations, neither party is anti-environmentalist. (How could anyone want to go down in history as the man who outlawed the light bulb? Don't politicians think twice about these things?)

I can guarantee one thing. By November 4, 2008 I will be sick of politics. I'm close already. Is it necessary to have debates over a year before the election?

Fortunately, I have an interesting life to live, so I can get away from politics. I got some writing in two plays done over the Holidays. I'm in discussions with a few theatre colleagues about forming a theatre company in our neck of the woods. I suppose eventually it would be a 501(c)(3) deal, with the goal of being a regional theatre. Also I just got cast in the 2008 Dickens Festival in Riverside, California. I'll be playing Mr. Brownlow in Oliver Twist and Mr. Wardle in Pickwick Papers. Need to brush up on the ol' English accent. I have other things going on, too. I'm still waiting for my Dean guitar to arrive in the mail.


EdMcGon said...

Which one of the candidates running for president IS the brain surgeon? Granted, some of them are dumber than others, but none of them impresses me in the intelligence area, except one: Hillary, and I trust her about as far as I can throw Bill. :P

Rational Jenn said...

I'm already sick of politics, too, but I admit that I have a piteously low threshold.

When considering federal candidates, I like to pick the one most likely to cause lots of Congressional gridlock. So, Hillary is a likely candidate, even though I suspect she is a robot.

The pickings are very slim this year. Ugh.

Richard said...

"How could anyone want to go down in history as the man who outlawed the light bulb? Don't politicians think twice about these things?"

How many have read "Anthem"?