Friday, December 21, 2007

New Guitar

I just bought this Dean guitar on Ebay for $143.45 (shipping included in price). It might be a turkey, but the price is low enough that I'll take a chance. I look forward to getting my hands on it.


Rational Jenn said...

Congrats! My husband bought an acoustic guitar some years ago on eBay and it looks and sounds beautiful (but the case was full of cigarette burns!). He has his eye on a Gretsch Tennessee Rose nowadays.

Good luck!

Billy Beck said...

My bet: you're going to enjoy that.

Myrhaf said...

Rational Jenn, thanks. Billy Beck, I hope so!

It's interesting that if you adjust for inflation, this guitar cost about as much as my first guitar, a Tiesco Del Rey, which cost $19.95 in 1969. (I believe those online inflation calculators do not go far enough in estimating the devaluing of the dollar.) The Tiesco Del Rey was a Japanese guitar that was really cheapo. The knobs and switches were flimsy plastic.

Now a guitar by a first-rate company, Dean, is cheap in price. And Epiphones and foreign Fenders are also cheap. It's capitalism in action: over time prices come down and quality goes up.

Billy Beck said...

See the comments here at Samizdata. I wrote about this very thing almost four years ago.

Damned good for you, man. Enjoy yourself.

Myrhaf said...

Thanks for the link, Billy. Interesting discussion -- a lot of guitarists in the blogosphere.

It seems that guitars went through the same process as cars. Japanese cars used to be derided as junk, but now they are more dependable than American cars.