Thursday, January 03, 2008


The Hawkeye Caucii are done and the winners are Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee. Both results are bad for the Republicans.

Iowa's Democrats showed the world they are sane. Yes, Obama is a far left socialist, but I really think he has a better chance at beating a Republican than Hillary Clinton. Given the choice between Clinton and a head of cabbage, who would not vote for the vegetable?

I suspect that part of Clinton's problem was that in running as the "inevitable" candidate, she looked like she thought she was entitled to everyone's vote, like she expected a coronation. Americans want their politicians to pretend they're not arrogant.

Iowa's Republicans showed the world they have their head up their ass. I would write more, but I might insult Iowa's Republicans.


Dismuke said...

If I were Obama right now - well, I would be spending some of my campaign cash on big time security. I would have a radiation detector around me at all times lest I end up with a minute but lethal dose of a radioactive particle inside me like that fellow in Great Britain who knew too much for Mr. Putin's comfort. And remember that pro-Western politician who in his race for the presidency of Ukraine ended up with his face severely disfigured thanks to Putin's handy work? I would certainly have someone tasting my food before I ingested a bite and have any mode of transportation I might ride in very carefully inspected by people I trusted. "Unfortunate accidents" happen, you know.

I am not joking either. Hillary Clinton is every bit as much of a Stalinist as is Vladimir Putin and she will stop at nothing in her quest for the absolute power she has lusted after for years. Heck, it wouldn't even surprise me if she enlisted Vladimir's help in such matters - you know, bring in an expert and divert attention away elsewhere at the very same time. And domestically she and her husband have accumulated enough dirt on enough people and uncovered enough skeletons in enough closets that people will do all sorts of crazy things for them that they would never ordinarily do. Indeed, I am beginning to thing that having skeletons in one's closet is a job requirement when it comes to working for the Clintons - it gives them leverage to demand the level of unprecedented loyalty we have seen from the people who have been closely associated with them even after they have been burned.

So watch out Obama! You are about to face an avalanche of the very worst kind of mud and dirty tricks that has ever been seen in American politics - and if that is all you will be subjected to, consider yourself lucky.

Myrhaf said...

Dismuke, are you one of those people who believe Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster?

Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

I'm with Dismuke, I subscribe to the Don Imus theory that Dick Cheney is a war criminal and Hillary Clinton is Satan. I'm sure I saw a 666 inside one of the cellulite dimples just below the right cheek of her butt when she was photographed "dancing" on the beach with Slick Willy.

Dismuke said...

"Dismuke, are you one of those people who believe Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster?"

No. It is true that there have been a lot of stories about people who had been close to the Clintons over the years met a very sudden end under odd circumstances. The problem with the speculation around those deaths is the sources from which they come. Perhaps where there is smoke in this instance there is some fire as well - but I regard such things as basically arbitrary.

I base my comments entirely on who Hillary Clinton is and what anyone of such a mindset and character would do given the circumstances. Look at it this way: what would stop her from doing it? Is it that the woman has any scrap of regard whatsoever for other people's rights? She does not - she is contemptuous of the notion that people have rights. Indeed, she goes beyond that and is contemptuous of other people in general. There have been a lot of accounts from the Clinton years in the White House about how, when the woman walked into Federal office buildings, staffers had to avert their eyes and go inside the nearest doorway when she came down the hall otherwise there would be hell to pay - i.e., the pesky peasants were NOT to be so uppity as to talk to the queen. There are a lot of accounts about how utterly NASTY the woman was towards White House servants, Secret Security guards, etc. The woman's view of other people is that they are objects to be used towards her ends. And when it comes to her ends - well, she is an uncompromising practitioner of the notion that the ends justifies the means.

I have zero doubt that a pathologically power-crazed woman such as her would be entirely capable of murder and, if she got away with it, would have zero guilt or regret. That is the mindset of any dictator and thug. Did Stalin feel guilt about the millions of people he murdered? Did Hitler? Does Castro? The ONLY difference I see between those individuals and Hillary Clinton is the degree that they were/are able to get away with it. And THAT is the ONLY thing that stops Hillary from behaving in a like manner: she currently lacks the power to do so and if she tried, she would not be able to get away with it in the United States at present.

Certainly she is not the only person in American politics for which this is true. A number of people on the Democratic side have a similar mindset and I strongly suspect that some on the Republican side such as McCain do as well. The difference between them and Hillary is that the Clintons have built up over the years their own little private mafia. And every so often, hints of this little mafia pop up in the news such as when Sandy "Burglar" Burger was caught stealing and ultimately destroying documents from the National Archives which were embarrassing to the Clintons. What is especially odd about that story is the question of why would a person like him take such a risk for the Clintons? What hold - i.e., what dirt do they have over the man?

Is Clinton's private little mafia capable of sending out a hit man to knock off Obama and make it look like an "unfortunate accident" with zero way whatsoever of tracking it back to the Clintons? I have no idea. But I have no doubt that if Hillary became absolutely desperate enough and strongly believed that such a thing would NOT come back on her - well, sure, she would do it in a heartbeat. Ask yourself this: would Vladimir Putin do it? He already has done similar things. Would Stalin? Would Castro? Would Chavez? Of course they would. Is there any evidence that Hillary has a mindset and character that is any different? I have yet to see any. Again, the only difference is in terms of what she is able to get away with. As far as I am concerned, when it comes to what Hillary is capable of, I just simply ask myself "What would Putin do?" What would Stalin do?" I firmly believe the woman is just as much of a monster.

Like I said - Obama, watch your back. You have offended Her and She doesn't like it. And She is not used to playing the role of cornered rat. If I put a person such as her in such a position and drove her into being utterly desperate - well, I would be very cautious.

Gus Van Horn said...

"Given the choice between Clinton and a head of cabbage, who would not vote for the vegetable?"

Bill Clinton.

(And the answer applies even more to matrimony!)