Monday, March 19, 2007

Various Things

1. In Julius Caesar Shakespeare, as he is so often, is wrong. Caesar was a power-lusting demagogue and a despot. Brutus and the conspirators were perfectly justified in murdering the bastard. The only tragedy in this story is that Roman liberty died at Philippi with Brutus.

Shakespeare was a great playwright, but not much of a thinker. He consistently looks backward to glorify the medieval order of things.

2. The new angus burger from McDonald’s is really good. It does not taste like a McDonald’s burger at all.

3. This weekend I get a treat. I will be watching some hard-to-find movies by my favorite director, Ernst Lubitsch. Reviews will follow.

4. I recently acquired Plays of Edmond Rostand, 1921, a two-volume set of all his plays with some nice art nouveau illustrations. Bill Bucko says the version of The Eaglet in this set is better than the adapted version I read 20 years ago. This set also has a play I’ve never seen anywhere else, The Woman of Samaria.

5. Most readers of this blog have probably already watched The Great Global Warming Swindle, but some of my non-ideological friends might not have. I would urge anyone who is alarmed about global warming to watch this British documentary just to get the other side – a side that is ignored by the MSM. The version I linked to on Youtube is split into eight segments of 9:29 each. It is well worth sticking it out to watch all eight segments.

Einstein used to say he welcomed anyone who could prove him wrong, because he was more interested in the truth than in being considered right. That is the spirit of science. The global warming advocates, on the other hand, try to shut up dissent and label those who disagree as “heretics” and “deniers.” Global warming is not science, it is politics, and bad politics at that.

6. Crucible and Column has some interesting posts.


EdMcGon said...

Thanks for the Global Warming link! I wanted to watch that.

I see Global Warming as almost a religion at this point, with Al Gore as the Pope. I really do wish Gore would run for president so we could have the full spotlight of a presidential election shining on the Global Warming myth.

Tom Rowland said...

The Global Warming Swindle is a much-needed antedote to environmental mysticism.

I have the same Rostand set and it is one of the highlights of my library. Enjoy!

Myrhaf said...

Ed, I don't think the Dems would be insane enough to make Gore their nominee again. Nixon was exceptional because he was the nominee twice. Usually they get one chance.

EdMcGon said...

To paraphrase an old saying, no one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the Democratic Party. ;)

Myrhaf said...

If the Democrats nominate Gore, then they are really committed to hampering industry and slowing down the economy with the Kyoto Protocol.