Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Wondering...

Why don't they make mouse-flavored catfood?


Dismuke said...

I would guess that getting a reliable supply of and processing large quantities of mouse meat might be a problem. I rather doubt that there is very much meat on a mouse.

But, along the same lines as mock turtle soup which contains no turtle meat but rather all sorts of disgusting-to-think-of leftover parts of beef, you could bring to market Myrhaf's Mock Mouse Cat Food. It could be made from the same disgusting-to-think of stuff that is already put into cat food. But you could claim that it has authentic mouse flavoring.

Of course, it doesn't matter whether the flavor actually is authentic or not as who in the world is going to claim to be in a position to challenge such an assertion? I am sure that some hunter-gatherer type hippie might come along once in a while and call you on it - but I cannot imagine anyone else wanting to verify it. Besides, if you just make the stuff out of chicken by-products, you would probably be on pretty safe ground to begin with. After all, isn't "it tastes like chicken" the standard answer to every question about what some sort of animal that people normally don't eat tastes like? You could just assert that mouse tastes like chicken by-products - and everyone will simply take your word for it and feed it to kitty. And, chances are these days, that kitty doesn't even know what mouse tastes like.

Yum, Yum!

Of course, my question is: how come they don't make asparagus flavored ice cream? After all, they do make celery flavored soda pop (and it is actually quite good, too).

EdMcGon said...

How do you know it's not?

Inspector said...


Ask Trey.

EdMcGon said...

Ok, but does Trey know what a mouse tastes like? ;)

Myrhaf said...

I don't think mice meat would be expensive to produce. I could raise hundreds of mice in my apartment, but not one cow or pig.

Ed, I doubt corporations would actually serve mice meat in catfood but call it beef, pork or chicken. The word would get out eventually and there would be a scandal and fines to pay for dishonest packaging.

I think the answer to my question is that humans do the buying and we want to buy things for our cats that would taste good to us. Cats by nature eat things smaller than them; they do not hunt cows or pigs. But there is no catfood made of mice, garter snakes, sparrows, spiders, june bugs or lizards. Why? Because humans do the buying, not cats, and can you imagine getting people to buy food made of all those gross little creatures?

Dismuke said...

I guess Trey is lucky in that the brand of cat food he ate is not on this recall list of a wide number of cat food brands all made by the same manufacturer. In recent days, there have been cats and dogs all across the country becoming sick and even dying of kidney failure as a result of eating the cat food - all of it either canned or in foil pouches. Thank goodness mine eat dry food. And what is scary is they still do not know why the food is causing the animals to become sick.

Actually, what raises my eyebrows a bit is the fact that some of the brands on the list are considered premium brands - and yet they are right there along with Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Save-A-Lot and Price Chopper brands. Is the product made for each brand identical and differentiated only by the label? If so, then why the heck pay for the Eukanuba or Nutro products which cost considerably more?

I have always paid more and purchased premium brands of dry cat food on the premise that it was better for my cats' long-term health and a perception on my part that some of the cheap-o brands would be risky to my male cat's urinary tract health.

Maybe I would be better off feeding my cats mice. You can buy them for feeding snakes and such. The problem is my cats wouldn't know what to do with a mouse. My two adult girl cats would be jealous of it and my boy cat and the yet-to-be named kitten that someone abandoned in my backyard would think that they had a new friend to play with. Then I would be stuck with a pet mouse in addition to four cats.

EdMcGon said...

My point is not that there are mouse parts in cat food. It's just that we don't know that cat food isn't made to taste LIKE mice. ;)

Of course, considering the smell of some cat foods, it would have to be a three day old rotting mouse. :P

The strange thing about cats is: the worse the food smells, the more they like it.