Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Fruits of Propaganda

Ever wonder how effective global warming hysteria is?

A Gallup Poll on global warming has some interesting data on poll respondents' attitudes toward the consequences of global warming, but this one piece of data stood out:

55% of all self-identified Democrats believe that "human life would cease to exist on Earth" as a result of global warming.

29% of independents had the same belief; 12% of Republicans shared this belief; while overall, 33% of the poll's respondents believed that global warming would extinguish life on Earth.

I would conclude from this that about a third of the general population and a little over half of the Democrats are really, really stupid. No, that's not fair. Let's put it this way: they are people who get their news from places like CNN and the Los Angeles Times, without reading the other side on the internet, and they believe what they read. Why do environmentalists and their allies in the media lie and foment hysteria? Because it works.

"Never bother to examine a folly; ask only what it accomplishes." -- Ellsworth Toohey

UPDATE: Rewritten so that I don't call a third of Americans really, really stupid.


EdMcGon said...

The better question is this: If these fools truly believe Global Warming will cause human life to cease to exist, why aren't they out partying instead of going about their daily routines? THAT is the true definition of stupidity!

Inspector said...

"Rewritten so that I don't call a third of Americans really, really stupid."

Why? If the shoe fits...