Sunday, October 21, 2007


I must take a leave from this blog at least until November. I have two acting projects that demand line work, I'm writing and my niece in the USAF is getting married before she ships off to Afghanistan. (I'm proud of her, but also a little worried for her safety. Being an MP in Afghanistan strikes me as being on the frontline in this war.)

One thing before I go. In my day job I listened to a morning show targeted to women. In one segment they interviewed a psychic who predicted the future of Britney Spears. A psychic who predicted the future of Britney Spears. Can radio programming possibly get more idiotic than that?

That station's listeners might be among the voters who will give us a Hillary Clinton Presidency. It depends on what factor weighs more heavily in the inert, porous substance between their ears that these women call their brain: if they think "Hillary will be the first woman President," then Clinton wins; if they think, "Hillary gives me the creeps," then Clinton loses.

Watch for the DNC to invest $100 million or so into commercials that humanize Hillary Clinton. These commercials might have flowers and babies and sickening little homey anecdotes about Chelsea, who will become a campaign prop. Also, there will be lots of normal, feminine women testifying for the candidate.

If the RNC tries to "define" Clinton as a hideous crone who swears, lusts for power and throws lamps at her husband, they will be denounced by the MSM for running a dirty campaign. Any Swift Boat campaign from the VRWC will be denounced by both parties. The Republicans have to be careful to attack Clinton's big government, socialist ideas and not her character. It would be nice if this campaign were about a few ideas for once. But given the intelligence of too many Americans these day, can political parties afford to waste time on abstract ideas? If enough voters are morons, can politicians be blamed if they lower their discourse to the level of morons?


EdMcGon said...

Please tell me how this campaign could ever be about ideas? When our choices will inevitably be between the liberal GOP and the socialist Democrats, the only question will be how big do you want the government to grow in the next four years?

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

I hope you'll let me know when you get back since's flagging new posts is unreliable.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your acting projects. Break a leg.

John Kim

mkfreeberg said...

Luck & best wishes to your niece, and we'll look forward to your return.

Thing I Know #58 is the big problem here. Hillary is a woman and you can't say bad things about women. We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the country, for this very reason...and ironically, this is the most logically sound reason why women shouldn't be allowed to run. An inability to escape potentially-valid criticism is arguably one of the most important requisites to candidacy.

Myrhaf said...

Thanks for your well wishes, all.

Somehow I think the "you can't say bad thing about women" rule would be out the window if Republicans ran a woman for President.