Monday, October 08, 2007

Around the World Wide Web 31

1. Billy Beck finds a new friend -- or she finds him. I can just hear a veterinarian I know exclaiming, "Cats don't have the enzymes to digest milk!" But it's okay, the milk was just an emergency measure. As a daily diet, however, milk is not good for cats; it gives them diarrhea.

2. A new reader of Atlas Shrugged finds it meaningful today.

3. Over 200 million people have given up blogging. Hey, I'm still here.

4. Beauties with Big Brains. Paris Hilton did not make the list.

(HT: Eratosthenes)

5. Newt Gingrich makes sense in this video. "We Don't Have A Peace Process, We Have A Surrender Process."

6. 101 top dishonest stories in the MSM.



Andrew Dalton said...

Walter Duranty ought to be #1 on that list instead of #43.

EdMcGon said...

2. I still have to read it.

3. And we're thankful for you.

5. Newt ALWAYS makes sense. It's a shame he's not electable.

6. Only 101? :P