Friday, October 05, 2007

Marion Jones

Marion Jones has admitted to using steroids. Her statement was forthright and sincere without any passing of the blame -- everything an admittance of guilt should be. Her medals should be taken from her and that should be an end to it.

(A more complicated question: should her teammates in the relays also lose their medals?)

She probably could have fought the accusations of performance enhancing drug use and won, given the idiocy of your average jury. Instead, she admitted everything, and she deserves credit for that. These days being honest and repentant seems like an act of heroism.

I would guess she was tired of living a lie, which takes a psychological toll. I believe OJ Simpson's book, If I Did It, was written out of the psychological need to tell the world (sort of) the truth. Being a weasel and a moron, sort of telling the truth is enough for OJ's psychology.

Like Michael Vick, Marion Jones has done the inevitable in these situations and "found God." To this atheist, finding God is the last dismal twist to these stories of disgrace. After destroying her integrity by cheating and lying about it, now Marion Jones is further destroying her mind by believing in a metaphysical fantasy.

And why do the disgraced and fallen always find God? Because it is the easiest way to get most people to forgive them and think they are good people. They turn to a supernatural creature for whom there is no evidence in order to get people to like them. Now, that's pathetic.

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you are pathetic.