Sunday, October 07, 2007

A History of Appeasement

Do you yearn for moral clarity in our struggle against militant Islam? Watch this speech by Elan Journo, The Road to 9/11: How America's Selfless Policies Unleashed the Jihadists. It will be the best 54 minutes you spend today. Mr. Journo shows how appeasement and diplomacy have emboldened Iran and the Jihadists to attack us harder at every step since the 1979 hostage crisis. (You will have to take a minute to register with the Ayn Rand Institute to gain access to the video; it's worth the effort.)

It is clear that the morality of altruism, if not turned around, will be the death of America. The hole in Manhattan that is Ground Zero is a grim harbinger of our future if we do not find the self-confidence to defend ourselves and destroy our enemies.

(HT: Thrutch)

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