Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cold Turkey

My computer is doing strange computer things and I have not been able to connect to the internet on it for 36 hours. When I try, it says,
Internet Explorer is not able to connect to this webpage
Or something like that. I'm posting this from my Mother's house.

Let me tell you, being without the internet is most disconcerting. It's like... where did my life go? No emails. No blog. No surfing. No Sudoku.

Maybe I should do what the stoics or the Epicureans would do and use this privation to find inner peace.

Screw that. I want my internet.

UPDATE: It's fixed. The problem seems to have been a complication caused by Time Warner's takeover of Adelphia. Currently, I'm apologizing to my computer for everything I said over the last two days. Maybe I should buy flowers.


EdMcGon said...

Man, I feel your pain! I had a computer virus about a month ago.

You can take my tv, my vcr, and everything I own. Just don't touch my pc!

Myrhaf said...


I got back online. Time Warner changed my DNS number, which I couldn't get to because of a fire wall from work and...

Anyway, problem is now solved.

softwareNerd said...

"Maybe I should buy flowers"
One can't go wrong with a flowery screen-saver.