Friday, June 29, 2007

The Blogosphere

Bill Quick, the man who named the blogosphere, has written an important post about the internet. He says the defeat of the immigration bill is a coming of age for the blogosphere.

Although I am not happy about the defeat of the immigration bill, I share Bill Quick's excitement about the blogosphere. (I suppose that figures, since I'm a blogger.) The great thing about the power of the blogosphere is that there is nothing politicians can do about it, short of destroying the internet -- a move that would make so many people across the political spectrum angry that no politician would consider it.

It is ironic that this victory comes at the moment the left is mobilizing to destroy right-wing talk radio with the Fairness Doctrine. The blogosphere does not depend on broadcasting permits. Starting a blog can be done for free. The blogosphere is as widespread and diverse as humanity. How can the state apply a Fairness Doctrine to humanity?

Furthermore, the biggest, most powerful political blogs are on the left. The non-leftist blogs are more extensive, but the leftist blogs are more intensive. There is more ideological conformity on the left and more diversity on the right. I think the power of the leftist blogs pretty much guarantees that even the worst statists in the Democrat Party will keep their hands off the internet.

The blogosphere reflects the people. The people were in the wrong on the immigration issue, but I suspect the power of the people and of the blogosphere will be used for better causes in the future. I believe Bill Quick is onto something. This is an important moment in American politics.


EdMcGon said...

How can the state apply a Fairness Doctrine to humanity?

Don't give the Left any more ideas please!

Jim May said...

While Bill Quick is a poseur "Randian" and given to gross fits of juvenility (check the comments on that one), he does have a point about the blogosphere. It, along with the coming era of Youtube "if a picture isn't an argument, how does 30 pictures per second grab ya?" is definitely going to change things.