Monday, June 04, 2007

Bush vs. America

President Bush has made two policy shifts lately that undermine American sovereignty, endanger American security, and intervene in the American economy. First, he called for the ratification of “The Law of the Sea Treaty.” Second, he has caved on global warming, calling for cuts in “greenhouse gas emissions”:
WASHINGTON, May 31 — President Bush, fending off international accusations that he is ignoring climate change, proposed today to set “a long-term global goal” for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and he called on other high-polluting nations to join the United States in negotiations aimed at reaching an agreement by the end of
next year.
If a Democrat President did these same things, conservative talk radio would on fire attacking him. Once again we’re seeing how Republican Presidents can destroy freedom in ways no Democrat could get away with.

With these two breathtaking acts of surrender, Bush hopes to appease his opponents in some pragmatic attempt, I guess, to get them to like him. In the process, this fool is undermining the country he is sworn to protect and defend. But I give him too much credit by calling him fool; as an altruist he does not really believe in American sovereignty and certainly not in anything close to laissez-faire capitalism.

Lame duck Presidents should take a kind of Hippocratic Oath: first, do no harm.

UPDATE: Add to this that last week Bush opened negotiations with Iran, which even Carter and Clinton did not do. Iran, remember, is currently supplying arms to our enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Is the Bush Presidency substantially different from what we might get with a Kucinich Presidency? Any more surrenders and Bush will have the French sneering at us as cowards.

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