Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Around the World Wide Web 5

1. Born Again Redneck has pictures of possible first ladies. Funny stuff. I think I’d vote for Kucinich just to be amused by his wacky presidency. Well, not really.

2. 1,680 guitarists play “Smoke On the Water.” The song has become a self-parody.

3. Vodkapundit liveblogged the Republican debate the only way any debate should be watched: drunk.

4. A blogger called Britney is quitting because she has taken too much abuse. Apparently, she linked to an abusive post about the late blogger, Steve Gilliard, which incited a leftist firestorm of nastiness. The internet is full of ad hominem attacks, profanity and mockery. I believe the left is a bit more inclined to resort to the foam-flecked name calling than the right, but only a bit.

Personally, I find the “f*** you, revolting moron” type of response less bothersome than the polite hair-splitters. (Although I get little abuse on this blog because most of the people who read it agree with me.) You can dismiss the raving abusers with a wave of the hand, but the hair-splitters, the equivocators and so on can take real work to answer.

5. Michael Barone looks at the latest poll about Republican presidential hopefuls. (If anyone can read a poll, Barone can.) One line of his bothers me: “Republicans this cycle, like Democrats in 2003-04, clearly have the sense that their party is in grave danger of losing and are seeking a candidate who they think can win.”

I could swear we heard the same talk in 2000 and we ended up with George W. Bush, whose presidency has been a disastrous failure.

6. George Reisman examines “Environmentalism In Light of Menger and Mises.” If you have never read Austrian economics, this post will be an eye opener.

UPDATE: Slight revision.

UPDATE II: I have never seen a nature video like this one at Noodlefood. I thought that little buffalo was a goner between the lions and the crocodile, but the buffalo herd actually comes back and... you must see it. When buffaloes run from a lion, they are pretty much defenseless, but when they face them with their horns in a herd, they're a frightening force.


Billy Beck said...

"The song has become a self-parody."

Nothing could be less true.

It only looks like a joke because you're looking at sixteen hundred people who couldn't groove that song from one end to the other with guns at their heads.

You've really missed the joke, man.

Myrhaf said...

You can get a laugh from people just by playing the riff. That's self-parody.

EdMcGon said...

Loved that nature video Myrhaf!