Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Around the World Wide Web 51

1. Blogroll addition: De Hominibus

2. Dude, Hillary quit the band.

They say Hillary doesn't really shred -- but are they talking guitar or Rose Law Firm documents?

Humor has to be used carefully in political ads. We're choosing the leader of the free world here, after all, one who will make decisions of great importance. This one seems a little too frivolous, but probably not to its target audience.

3. The Dougout has some damning pictures of Obama and one of his campaign offices.

4. Socialized medicine. A woman cries in this video; maybe this will help get the message through the thick skulls of ignorant liberals. HEY, LIBERALS! WHAT YOU WANT MAKES WOMEN CRY!

5. Exorcist Center now open.

6. The looming Democrat delegate debacle is one of the more interesting stories of this political season. It promises rare drama at a political convention.

I spoke to a woman who is an ardent Clinton supporter. She told me, with bitterness and disgust in her voice, that she believes the "old boy" network in the Democrat Party, including Teddy Kennedy, got together and decided to back Obama. She also said she does not like Obama's body language around women. Her entire argument was feminist, pitting men against women; she had nothing to say about Obama's policies or ideas.

Although Robert Tracinski now thinks Obama will get the nomination, I still think it will be Clinton. It's going to come down to old-fashioned politics and arm-twisting and calling in of favors with super delegates, and I don't see how Obambi can compete with the Clinton Machine in smoke filled rooms. (Are smoke filled rooms still legal? Do Democrats still smoke? Tobacco, I mean.) For instance, Bill Clinton arranged a breakfast with his daughter Chelsea for a super delegate.


Anonymous said...

The photo of Obama is misleading. It's not clear why he didn't have his hand on his heart. He's on the edge of the stage where he can't see everyone else doing it (and the national anthem isn't the same as the pledge). In any case, he's been photographed with his hand over his heart on plenty of other occasions:



Myrhaf said...

Any chance the che flag photos are photoshopped?

Anonymous said...

Not to my knowledge.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing misleading about a presidential candidate who does not show the proper respect for the flag during the playing of the National Anthem. Is he deaf? I'm sure after his handlers brought this blunder to the Messiah's attention it hasn't happened again.

Thanks for the link, Myrhaf.