Friday, February 08, 2008

Around the World Wide Web 50

1. Good point:

The Democratic race has spiraled into a nightmare for a party of entitlements: a war between the aggrieved. Obama is in the more comfortable position, saying that he appeals to all voters, while his race itself silently appeals to blacks and, even more, to whites who wish to demonstrate their transcendence of racism. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters call on her sex more forthrightly; old-line feminist Erica Jong declared that she was for Hillary because mothers and children are “the most oppressed group in our country.”

The Democrat Party is split between two candidates not on ideological grounds (except for those who oppose Clinton because of her war vote), but on multiculturalist grounds. Women vote for Clinton because she is a woman; blacks vote for Obama because he is a black. It's a party so ignorant and shallow that it cannot think deeper than race and sex.

2. Rush Limbaugh agrees with what I recently wrote, that Republicans need Hillary Clinton to unite the party.

3. I don't usually publicize Kelley supporters, but Robert Bidinotto makes a good case against Senator McCain.

4. Howard Dean has attacked John McCain. Only one sentence betrays the moonbat Dean:

On immigration reform, he's run as far to the right as he can, aligning himself with the most extreme elements of the Republican Party.

Conservatives oppose McCain, of course, because he is too liberal on immigration. (I actually agree with McCain on immigration, an issue of tertiary importance.) McCain has co-authored a bill with Senator Kennedy on immigration. It seems that Dean is confident he can say A is non-A about a Republican and his base won't object.

5. As one who wants to see McCain stopped, I'm interested in how the Democrats plan to attack him. I don't find this piece reassuring. It sounds like the Democrat strategists want to paint McCain as a conservative (the same thing McCain wanted to do at CPAC).

Democrats have become lazy and ineffective by depending on the MSM to demonize Republicans. Sometimes it works, as it did with George Allen, when his career was absurdly finished because he said "macaca." I don't think these tactics will fly with McCain.

6. If you want some entertainment, try USA Today's Sudoku. I can do a one-star puzzle in less than four minutes.

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EdMcGon said...

1. If you look too closely at Clinton or Obama, there's not any substance for which to vote, so the fact that Democratic voters are voting based on race or sex is all that's left.

4. Dean reminds me of Clinton's old PR guy Ron Brown. Democrats can say anything they want, and the Media will never call them on it.

5. You almost have to wonder whether Allen should have run anyway.