Monday, December 24, 2007

More Talking to Liberals

I've been talking to liberals again. Liberals might call it an addiction. Hey, I live in blue state; they're everywhere. And besides, liberal chicks are easy. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding.)

Anyway, this liberal woman, a far left PETA type whom I'll call Jane, confessed to me that she supports Hillary Clinton because a Clinton presidency would mean the return of Bill. This excites Jane. Her eyes light up and her voice goes husky at the mention of his name.

Yes, Bill Clinton is her hero. Jane wants him back in the White House.

You know what? I suspect Jane's thinking is more common among Democrats than they like to admit. Bill Clinton has some mysterious power that clouds the liberal mind. They worship the man.

This is one of those things in which liberals and non-liberals (I'll use that to distinguish myself from the conservatives) see the world in polar opposite ways. What Jane sees as white, I see as black. To me Bill Clinton is an obscene joke. He's a con artist and a liar. His judgment is poor and he is immoral. He's a big government liberal who will throw out everything he stands for if that's what it takes to gain and keep power.

He is the ultimate social metaphysician. Everything he says, everything he does, everything he believes is chosen not as a response to reality but to make an impression on other people.

Furthermore, he is stupid. I have never heard him say anything remotely intelligent.

Bill Clinton's presidency was such a disaster that after the first two years it was pretty much over, despite his squeezing into re-election against the hapless, bureaucratic Bob Dole. His inability to accomplish anything turned out to be the best thing for America, as the less the state does the better. His presidency was good insofar as Clinton was thwarted, fought, diminished and distracted by scandals.

This is the man liberals idolize. Why? As I have written elsewhere, a liberal woman once told me she was profoundly moved when Clinton said, "I feel your pain." To liberals that statement is not a corny, calculated line, but an ideal. It is the essence of government -- no, the essence of life. Life is a constant state of emergency in which helpless individuals must depend on the collective to nurse them, to lift them when they fall, to feel their pain.

Bill Clinton knew who he was talking to when he said "I feel your pain." It wasn't me.

PS: I ask you, at what other blog would you get two kickass posts like this one and the last one on Christmas Eve, when the rest of the blogosphere is sitting in boredom with the family, watching their boys play Guitar Hero?


Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Ummm... mine! Great job as usual!

Mike said...

Oooooh, that reminds me. Need to go fire up the Xbox and play me some Guitar Hero. :)

Cheers, Myrhaf. Your blog has been avidly read. I hope it has been just as fun for you to write.

Myrhaf said...

Thanks, Mike. Keep us posted on the South Beach diet. And Doc, I'm glad to see you blogging on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to you both.

Regis said...

Spectacular. I was just thinking "Gee, there aren't many blog posts today". Then you come to my rescue with multiple insightful posts. You rock. :)