Monday, December 10, 2007

Around the World Wide Web 42

1. Santa meets Hollywood.

2. Guitar porn that should make Billy Beck salivate. Some beautiful Les Pauls, although I prefer the Strat.

3. Both the Beach Girl and George Reisman question whether a Hillary Clinton presidency would violate Twenty-second Amendment, which restricts a President to two terms.

The election of the wife of a President who has served two terms does not violate the letter of the law, but it does violate the spirit of the law. The intention of the law is clearly to limit the abuse of power by forcing a change in presidents at least every eight years. A husband-wife team in the White House that goes past the two terms of one member is perpetuating their power past eight years.

In a rational culture that valued liberty and took the Constitution seriously, a party would not allow the spouse of a President to run after that President had served eight years. Our culture is neither rational nor does it take the Constitution seriously. The Democrats don't give a damn about anything but the pursuit of power.

4. Check out Duffy. Great voice, songwriting straight out of 1966. That's a good thing.

5. Huckabee's ignorance.

6. Republicans are already launching attack ads linking candidates to Hillary Clinton. (HT: Don Surber)

Aside from the stupidity of the ad -- it would be nice if both parties could explain why their candidate is a value instead of pointing to the opponent and and saying "He's worse!" -- what does it say about Hillary Clinton's prospects that Republicans are already using her to damage other candidates?

2008 might turn out to be the dirtiest campaign ever. Republicans will hammer Clinton as a liberal big spender. Democrats will respond with every ounce of mud their researchers have dug up. Americans will be cynical and disgusted as a result.

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