Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Predictions for 2007

1. Right-wing radio will thrive with the Democrats in Congress. Rush, Sean and friends are at their best with polemics against the other side. When the Republicans run everything, they’re forced (as they see it) to carry water for people who don’t deserve it. The result is boring radio.

2. The Oakland Raiders will win more games in 2007 than they won in 2006. All they need is three victories for this prediction to come true.

3. The Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA Championship. This is what you call a homer prediction.

4. The American people will continue to hide from history, paying more attention to Britney Spears’s underpanties (or lack thereof) than anything serious. But in 2008, watch out…

5. No major troop reduction in Iraq.

6. Top 40 music will continue to stink, making me unhappy at my job, which involves listening to commercial FM stations.

7. Gwen Stefani will continue as the most innovative and interesting pop singer. Pink and Kelly Clarkson will also be good. Outkast and Black Eyed Peas might be okay.

8. Reality TV ratings will plunge.

9. The economy will grow. The MSM will be torn as to whether or not they should report the good news. Will it help Bush or the Democrat Congress?

10. The Democrats will make many stupid expansions of state power and spending. This prediction is so certain that it’s really not fair. It’s like predicting that humans will breathe in 2007.

11. The Republicans will huff and puff and make faces about Democrat laws that destroy our liberty, then the Democrats will say something about the children and denounce "mean-spirited right-wingers" and the Republicans will fold like a cheap lawnchair.

12. No terrorist attacks on US soil.


Toiler said...

C'mon, Myrhaf! Grab the bull. The only really unsafe prediction you made was this one: "The Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA Championship". :-)

Seriously — sort of — Stefani has very hot... lips. Even I can see that. But I think her new stuff sounds less like real music and more like a studio producer's mix. It seems No Doubt was more than just Stefani.

Myrhaf said...

But if I make unsafe predictions, then I will give away my powers of clairvoyance and my arch enemy, Dr. Death, will track me down through this blog and slay me. No, I must pretend to be a normal human.