Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Joan Of Arc?

Ron Rosenbaum likes Hillary because she’s mean:

…none of the Democratic candidates has demonstrated the vision or the courage to offer a foreign policy that recognizes and responds intelligently and coherently to the spread of theocratic terror. That’s why, of all the candidates so far, I’ve favored Hillary Clinton. Because she’s a woman and because she’s mean. Even if she doesn’t have a 16 point foreign policy plan, I feel her heart is going to be in the right place when she looks at the aggressive worldwide spread of a vicious and murderous medieval theocratic movement (jihad) that promotes the “honor killing” of rape victims, denies all the hard-won rights of women (not to mention gays, and liberals, and dissidents of all religious and political stripes). A culture that essentially wants to lock women up in the home, deprive them of the right to vote, to an education, to a full life as human beings.

I can see his point. The men leading us have been miserable failures so far. Maybe it’s time for a Joan of Arc to save America. Women are meaner than men. And what poetic justice if a woman defeated militant Islam, a culture that treats women like dogs.

(One remarkable result of our current crisis is how little the left cares about Islam’s backward treatment of women. Their opposition to America trumps everything else.)


EdMcGon said...

Your last comment says it all. Hillary will ignore how Islam treats women, because it doesn't affect her directly. Sadly, that is the Left's M.O.

Myrhaf said...

They seem to complain about the treatment of women and minorities when it helps them attack America and capitalism. They feel outrage at injustice when it is convenient.

EdMcGon said...

...or when it advances their socialist agenda.