Monday, January 15, 2007

Apologist For Terror

The New York Post has found an outrageous passage in Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid:
"It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel." (Emphasis added.)
There is no other way to read this sentence but as a justification of suicide bombings and terrorism if Israel does not accept “international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace.”

A man who has spent his post-Presidency preening about his role as a peacemaker has become an enemy of peace. But then, as one who appeased our enemies during his Presidency, he never was a true friend of peace. Certainly, his thumb-twiddling in response to the Iranian hostage crisis did not lead to peace.

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