Monday, December 04, 2006

Random Notes

1. Jeff Jacoby reminds us how disastrous Bush 41’s foreign policy was. Bush the Elder’s Presidency was maddening. I can’t remember the specifics, but I remember one day when Bush said something in the morning, then received a flurry of criticism on talk radio and said the exact opposite that afternoon. It was a Heraclitean Presidency -- you couldn't stick your foot in the same principles twice. Bush’s pragmatic foreign policy was short-term fixes and evading problems in hopes that they will go away now, and we’ll deal with tomorrow’s crisis when it arises.

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2. I auditioned today for “Witness For the Prosecution.” There are two good roles I could play. I hope I get one. I’ll let you know.

3. McDonald’s coffee is better than Starbucks. I am confident that if Starbucks made hamburgers, they would be better than McDonald’s.

4. If you have ever read a play by August Strindberg, check out these cartoons. Okay, check them out even if you have not read Strindberg. They excerpt passages from the loony Swedish playwright at his most pessimistic, lines like, "We are already in hell." And then this balloon thing repeats various words and... trust me, it's hilarious.

As an actor I find Strindberg interesting because his characters are complex and challenging; at the same time, he makes me giggle because he is weird and has no self-awareness of his weirdness. He is sincerely weird, as no post-modern could be. Best taken in small doses.


Anonymous said...

[sputtering laughter]

Wh... wha [more laughter] what the hell [more laughter] was that?

"We are already in hell."


EdMcGon said...

Sure Starbucks can make a better burger, but do you really want to pay $10 for a burger? :P

Myrhaf said...

I read somewhere that if a law student buys one Starbucks latte a day he will end up spending something like $4,000 there in the course of law school.

SecFox HQ said...

Good luck on the audition!

Myrhaf said...

Thank you, Blair!