Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just Put Me Out Of My Misery

As Ace of Polipundit puts it, “a four day gala for the new queen”:

All will converge on Washington in early January to take part in four days of events surrounding the swearing-in of Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, who will be elected the new speaker of the House and the first woman and first Californian to occupy the post.

After running through a long list of planned events designed to highlight different phases of 66-year-old Pelosi’s life, her spokesman Brendan Daly said, “Overall this is who Nancy Pelosi is. And this is a chance for people to meet Nancy Pelosi and see who she is.'’

Events designed to highlight different phases of Nancy Pelosi’s life? I think I’d rather listen to a Yoko Ono CD during a root canal by a dentist who sticks four implements in my mouth then asks, "So, how's work going," while Oprah plays silently on a TV screen in the dentist’s office.

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EdMcGon said...

When they write the historical biography of Pelosi, it should be called "An Exercise in Self-Glorification".