Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Few Notes

1. The light blogging will continue. I’m working hard again this week, trying to finish up for the year. If I see some interesting, I might post about it, but nothing big.

2. I’m a wiggly worm in that ecosystem of Truth Laid Bear. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be a microbe soon. Devolution in action! But fear not, this worm is no whiner. My readers are few, but they are of extraordinarily high quality. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

3. George Reisman has an interesting post on Pinochet. The dictator must be kept in context, which the MSM never do because Pinochet was anti-communist. Nice Mises quote at the end of the post.

4. Charlotte Capitalist observes what might be the start of a trend: a war by the left on cows?! But it makes sense that they would go after cows, since humans enjoy the products of cows so much. I might note that the best way to make bos taurus an endangered species is to render it useless to man, but... never mind. My irony would be lost on all but the choir.

5. Read on the internet: "u need to like me for my persanality and not for wut i look like."

Would it be shallow to judge you by your spelling? One sees a lot of writing like this, especially at the big brain drain, Myspace. Is it the internet or government schools or something else?

6. Here’s a parting thought. All the New Left’s arguments for environmental and health regulations are just rationalizations in their quest to destroy capitalism and reshape the west by the standards of altruism-collectivism-statism. And if they have to fudge a few facts or monger a little fear along the way, the end justifies the means. Their goal is too important and capitalists are too evil to play nice by the old rules. (Moreover, capitalism is a system of justice. In a free country, statist mediocrities have no one but themselves to blame for their inadequacies. So you see, their mission is of absolute importance to statists; without it, they would have to look in the mirror.)

UPDATE: As I work I'm writing a post on Liberaltarians that I hope to put up today. Stay tuned!

FURTHER UPDATE: No, that post won't happen today.

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