Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lakers: 20 Games In

Charles Barkley said the Clippers are still the best team in LA. Charles Barkley is WRONG. The Lakers are 14-6 (.700) and the Clippers are 10-9 (.526). The Lakers have a balanced attack, a good bench, a great coaching staff, they’re getting healthy and they are improving on defense and turnovers. On top of all this they have the greatest player in the game today, Kobe Bryant.

Can we say with confidence they are among the elite in the NBA? Not quite. They still have to go through a long road trip, which they will do later this month. After that, we’ll know.

How about that Atlantic Division?

New Jersey 7-12 (.368)
New York 8-14 (.364)
Toronto 7-13 (.350)
Boston 6-13 (.312)
Philadelphia 5-14 (.263)

Philadelphia, at 5-14, is only 2 games out of first place.

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