Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snapshot of the Liberal Mind

I was talking to a liberal recently. He is an erudite, educated man who prides himself on looking up conservative lies at snopes.com and calmly explaining the truth. Of course, being a liberal, for all his education and intelligence, he is abysmally ignorant of economics. They all are. It's one of the defining characteristics of liberals.

He is an entertaining conversationalist, however -- and he makes some good points about the more hysterical claims of conservatives.

But then the subject of Ann Coulter came up. This man changed from a sophisticated urbanite to a neanderthal at the mention of her name. He began to fantasize about her being gang raped. I was stunned at the sheer, brutal ugliness of his words. He imagined a scenario of violent sex that no one should wish on any woman. I don't know if he has an underlying hatred of women or just a hatred of Ann Coulter, but the hatred was there.

Why does an otherwise calm, pleasant intellectual become a barbarian at the mention of Ann Coulter's name? Because liberals think conservatives are evil, and therefore any attack on them, however dirty or mean, is an act of justice. This is the premise that leads to "the end justifies the means" in liberal thinking. This is the premise that leads liberals to think they can lie, cheat to win elections and smear their opponents character.

The problem is not that liberals make moral judgments of their opponents. The problem is that they discard reason and act by their emotions with no regard to justice, fair play or honesty. It's as if liberals are subjectivists and moral relativists who make no judgments about anyone -- until they are threatened by their enemy, then they go to the other extreme and fight dirty.

We see in the liberal mind the end of two centuries of irrationalist philosophy at work. Liberals no longer have confidence in reason. To liberals, socialism was "scientific," and the collapse of socialism proves the efficacy of irrationalism and radical subjectivism. When push comes to shove in the real world -- and push always comes to shove in politics -- the liberals turn into snarling beasts when they fight. Having abandoned reason, they will tell any lie and smear any character it takes to win.


Anonymous said...

But why do liberals think that conservatives are evil when the hold essentially the same premises? Is it because they think that conservatives stand for individualism and selfishness and a rejection of altruism? If that's the case then they will probably take to arms and violence when Ayn Rand becomes a cultural force.

John Kim

Myrhaf said...

I've often wondered that myself. It would be Bush Derangement Syndrome cubed -- liberal heads exploding across the land.

Jim May said...

Liberals no longer have confidence in reason.

Then why do we call them liberals, when they are plainly not so by the original, proper meaning of that term? Shouldn't we stop assiting them in that pretense?

They are socialists, Leftists, progressives, whatever... not liberals. Admittedly, however, as I noted in your later post, it's probably just about too late for that to matter, as they themselves are showing signs of abandoning that pretense themselves.

Billy Beck said...

"But why do liberals think that conservatives are evil when the hold essentially the same premises?"

Ponder Hitler and Stalin.