Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Around the World Wide Web 55

1. Gus Van Horn, poor guy, must move to Boston. Well, I guess we all can't live in California.

But wait -- Matt Damon is from Boston!

2. This story about a man not allowed into creationist propaganda film must be read to be believed. Great punchline!

3. Organization of the Islamic Conference wants world-wide restrictions on speech. Yes, we must outlaw any criticism of Islam! Don't these muslims realize that by advocating such backward, medieval tyranny they defame themselves more than any cartoonist could?

4. Dithyramb links to a paper by Allen Gotthelf on Ayn Rand's theory of concepts. Haven't read it yet, but I'll be checking it out over the weekend when I have some time.

5. Ezra Levant gets fan mail.

6. The budget simulation game.

UPDATE: Bonus link! The 85 Weirdest Storytellers of the Past 85 Years. And damn, are they weird.


Dismuke said...

Aren't taxes and the artificially elevated cost of living even higher in California than Boston?

There's a reason I stay in Texas despite missing out on a handful of things that both coasts offer that I would really enjoy.

Myrhaf said...

California is run by fervent statists, no question. Housing costs a lot more in California than in interior states. I have relatives that have moved to Las Vegas because the cost of living is cheaper.

EdMcGon said...

6. I ended up with a budget surplus of $1.1 trillion after one year. And that was after eliminating most of the tax credits but leaving the Bush tax cuts in place. Why do politicians continually harp that they can't cut the budget? :P