Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Good Saturday

Saturday was a good day. I went to Lancaster to jam with my drummer friend, whom we'll call Reggie to protect the innocent. We played a bunch of songs I wrote that I want to record with female singers. The songs are written in a melodic '60s pop-rock style. It was a thrill to hear them for the first time with a drummer.

My theory on getting a band together is to find the best musicians you can and give them the freedom to be creative. Reggie is an excellent drummer who grew up listening to the same '60s music I did, so he understands immediately what to do.

But there was a further thrill. Reggie owns a Rickenbacker 360 12-string, the same color as the guitar Pete Townshend has in this photograph.


It was a revelation hearing that bright, jangly 12-string sound. It worked with many of the songs.

When I got home I still had that sound bouncing around my head and I wrote a riff reminiscent of the Byrds or the early Beatles.

At the end of the day I performed the First Gravedigger in the closing night of Hamlet. Now I must get back to the day job.

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