Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Kossack Handicaps the Republicans

Trapper John at Daily Kos ponders the chances of the Republicans running for President and concludes, "Jesus, this is a weak field." The piece is worth reading as an example of how leftists delude themselves.

First, he concedes that a Republican could win if there are "Scandals, terrorist attacks, dramatic cultural shifts"; apparently, these events make people vote Republican.

Then Trapper John looks at Giuliani, Thompson, Romney, McCain and "Everyone else." He bubbles over at the prospect of scandal taking down Giuliani; he mocks Thompson's anemic fund-raising; he asserts that Evangelical Christians will not vote for a Mormon, so Romney is dead; and he notes McCain's organizational and fund-raising woes.

In the entire piece there is only one thing missing: the Republicans' ideas. This is the left's big weakness in politics. They don't understand the importance of ideas. They think people vote Republican out of fear, tradition, racism, nastiness, greed, nationalism, superstition, homophobia, rage, hatred and more fear.

Since he does not address ideas, Trapper John misses that Giuliani stands for strong defense and recently unveiled a health care policy that is a step in the direction of a free market, not a government takeover. Next November, these are the issues Americans will be evaluating, and the common man is more rational than leftists give him credit for being.

It is obvious from this piece (and from the Democrats' record in the last few decades of elections) that if Giuliani is the nominee, the liberal-left will have their smear machine working overtime. They will ease their consciences with such banalities as, "Politics ain't bean bag," then throw all the mud they can at the Republican.

I get the sense that people are tired of scandals. I think they're ready to listen seriously to new ideas. If I'm right, then this trend would be the greatest catastrophe to hit the Democrats since the Civil War. Forget scandals and terrorist attacks, although you could call this a "dramatic cultural shift." If Americans shift toward taking ideas seriously, the Democrats will fall apart because they have succumbed to the nihilism and subjectivism of modern philosophy and no longer understand that ideas move the world.


Dismuke said...

Bush has ended up being a very weak president - and this has emboldened the Left and gave them some uplift out of their free fall. The Left is basically a coalition of various emotion-drive constituencies - and they most definitely run the same risks as anyone else who goes through life guided by emotion and evasion of unpleasant facts.

Before Bush's weakness came along and botched things up for them, the Republicans were on a roll thanks to the collapse of the Left. Now that they are in power, the Left is quickly starting to forget that the public did not vote for them but rather against Bush and the Republicans. And them forgetting that and reminding the public about their true nature is the best hope that the Republicans have.

We are at a point in the history of American politics where political victories are won by default. The winners are those who are still standing after the public votes against their opponants. Neither side has anything to offer beyond their pledges to oppose the other guys.

Myrhaf said...

With Congress's approval rating at 3%, voters might have a hard time in '08 figuring out which party they hate the most.

Dismuke said...

Well, Myrhaf, here is the Democrats' secret weapon for 2008:

Inspiring, huh? He would be wearing a tin foil hat when he says this except for the fact that it would mess up his hair!

Myrhaf said...

I get your point about the Edwards video, but I must say it will be effective with the voters he is trying to reach. I hear people saying the same thing every day, "they're bringing up nonsense about the haircuts to distract from real issues like health care." Well, Edwards's haircuts are nonsense, but so is his socialist class warfare.

If we got people like Richard Ralston and Yaron Brook on TV to discuss health care, I'd like to see what distractions John Edwards comes up with then!

Dismuke said...

Richard Ralston and Yarong Brook are also part of the diabolical secret plot to shut John Edwards up in order to prevent the American people from hearing what he has to say about health care and the Two Americas.

Dismuke said...

That is Yaron Brook - I only caught my typo after it was too late to fix it.

EdMcGon said...

I can't say I agree with you about Americans taking ideas seriously. I wish they would, and I hope that someday they will. But the little cynic in me keeps reminding me of the top vote getters in the last 4 presidential elections: Bush (twice), Kerry, Gore, Clinton (twice), Dole, and Bush Sr. THESE are the best choices "we the people" could come up with?

If the polls are any indication, we are looking at a 2008 matchup of Clinton vs. Giuliani. Somebody shoot me now. :P

Myrhaf said...

Ed, you're probably right.