Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Around the World Wide Web 23

Boy, am I busy. This is the last week of Cyrano, which closes on Friday. On Saturday I play Bottom in selected scenes from A Midsummer-Night's Dream at a benefit dinner. Plus I have a full-time job. Blogging will have to be set aside for a few days at least.

1. Neal Boortz points out this interview with National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell about, among other things, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a law that treats war as if it were domestic law enforcement. It takes 200 hours to get a warrant to monitor conversations between Islamic terrorist suspects overseas and an individual in this country. I can understand the enemy resisting our war efforts, but why is our own government binding our warriors in bureaucratic red tape?

2. Born Again Redneck posts some thought-provoking quotes from Ayn Rand.

3. Some leftist calls for the military to arrest Bush. Captain Ed has this idiot's number:

...Civilian oversight keeps the military from seizing power and is a long and vital tradition in this nation. It's what keeps us from becoming a banana republic, run by military strongmen.

Lewis wants to turn America into just that kind of nation. His Bush-hatred runs so deep that he would willingly see the military take control over the federal government just to get rid of him. The Left likes to talk about supposed fascism among conservatives, but the Huffington Post is literally calling for a military coup to reverse an election, not only an un-Constitutional act but also the kind of authoritarian rule they supposedly despise.


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Boy - another mention - and for something I didn't even write. Thanks.

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