Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Vote Is Cast

I left the presidential vote blank. I voted for my Republican Congressman, Jerry Lewis. (Hey, lady!) He's a worthless old pragmatist and a champion of pork, but we need Republicans in the Senate and Congress to oppose the coming push for socialism from the Democrats.

I voted yes on Propositions 9 and 11. One was about notifying victims if criminals get bail and the other was about having a commission do redistricting instead of the politicians in Sacramento. Perhaps Proposition 11 will stop outrageous gerrymandering. On all the other propositions I was Dr. No.

There was no line at my polling place, as usual.

I remember on election day in 1992 when Bush was photographed in the afternoon, way before polls closed, carrying a fishing pole as he got in a car. That was the year the bizarre Ross Perot got 19%, which allowed Clinton to win. Bush knew it was over and was already thinking of fishing. It was the last symbolic act of his half-assed presidency. I'll be watching TV this afternoon for any shots of McCain carrying a fishing pole.

I would not expect Obama ever to carry a fishing pole, especially if it looks like he will lose. At that point he will be working hard with his advisers on how they can use legal maneuvers to undermine the election. Leftists are serious about power; they're not about to give up and go fishing.


madmax said...

Its a blowout. Not even close. Even though this may turn out to be a good thing, I still feel sick to my stomach. The most far left anti-American nominee ever won in a landslide. How can any lover of liberty be happy?

Anonymous said...

In any competition between two people with the same basic principles, the more consistent one wins.

I called this election in February.

The next move is to let reality discredit leftism, and then offer Objectivism as an alternative which reality will not discredit.

Bill Brown said...

I think it's time to start watching Brook and Ghate's lectures on cultural change. We need to make the most of Obama's victory: defining ourselves in opposition will present a stark contrast.

Andrew Dalton said...

On the subject of the California propositions, I was ambivalent on 9 and 11. After reading them, I still didn't think that I understood them enough to vote yes.

Proposition 5 is a step in the right direction in some ways, but decriminalizing drugs shouldn't require expenditure of $460 million per year. And I treat all government estimates of savings as baloney. So that was "no" for me as well.