Monday, October 13, 2008

A Week of TIA Daily


There will be no TIA Daily post today, as I stubbed my toe over the weekend. The actual pain lasted only a few minutes, but it threw my sense of life out of whack. I never post when my view of the universe is less than benevolent.


There will be no TIA Daily post today in honor of the holiday. Today is National Processed Cheese Day, and I have always considered processed cheese a triumph of American capitalism. Think of me when you eat your grilled cheese sandwich made with Velveeta!


There will be no TIA Daily post today because we're focusing on our next print issue. We would like to increase production of our print issues to, well, at least more than one issue every three years.


There will be no TIA Daily post today or tomorrow because I am traveling to a convention of conservatives. I need to network in order to get a good gig and fame, because I don't know if this TIA Daily thing is going anywhere.


Your subscription is about to expire. Please pay $74 now or you might miss a day of our penetrating commentary that you cannot get anywhere else.

(This post is gentle satire. I respect Robert Tracinski and find his writing of great value. He has a talent for observations that everyone else misses. I expect to resubscribe to TIA Daily when the time comes.)


Joseph Kellard said...

I found this post very funny and spot on. Thank you for reminding me about some of the several reasons why I stopped subscribing to both the TIA hardcopy edition as well as TIA Daily.

Prometheus said...

Hysterically funny. I am a subscriber to TIA Daily and read it every day (sort of, when it shows up). I am still trying to decide whether or not to re-up my subscription.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Tracinski has actually denounced Objectivists (especially on foreign policy) and has also been sharply criticized by many Objectivists in turn for rejecting the importance of ideas in history.

Is is still reasonable to consider Tracinski an Objectivist, or has he turned more towards a conservative bent?

Myrhaf said...

Joseph and Prometheus, thanks.

Anon, Tracinski has disagreed with other Objectivists on Iraq, but I have not heard any denunciations. I believe that Nicholas Provenzo has gone the furthest in denouncing Tracinski.

EdMcGon said...

Today is National Processed Cheese Day, and I have always considered processed cheese a triumph of American capitalism.

Amen brother! You can't make a good cheesesteak without processed cheese. ;)

mtnrunner2 said...

I laughed hard!

Yeah, those messages are way too short for Tracinski. He is a *PROLIFIC* guy.

I agree with Myrhaf's appraisal; Rob Tracinski obviously works very hard and has done so for many years. He comes up with insights that others don't. I'm not a current subscriber but I have been.

I would agree that his analysis tends to attribute more of social change to what one would call existential factors (politics, economics, etc.) than to the action of philosophical principles, as compared to say Leonard Peikoff or authors writing for ARI, with whom I agree more often. For example, I would find he was more optimistic about certain future events due to favorable existential factors, whereas I was pessimistic due to the underlying philosophical theories in operation, which showed no basis for optimism -- or vice versa.

However, I still consider him to be an ally in the fight for our culture.