Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Vice-President Debate

Man, that was boring.

The big question, of course, was how Sarah Palin would do. Would she be the bad bullshitter she was in recent interviews? Would she be the drooling moron the Kossacks so desperately want to smear her as?

She was poised, intelligent and confident. She passed the test easily. She also has a winning personality and charisma most politicians would sell their soul to have. Charisma has always been the CW about the Democrats' idol, President Kennedy. If the MSM were not functioning as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the word charisma would be mentioned in every lead paragraph of every story written about Sarah Palin. Since she is a Republican, the story they tell instead is one of a stupid, unprepared woman. Americans saw tonight that the MSM's story has little to do with reality.

This is not to say Palin does not have a serious problem in that she has never been terribly interested in national issues and is not informed. When Couric asked her what Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with, she couldn't even come up with Kelo. This is a woman who has been far away in the arctic circle not paying a lot of attention to American politics.

Facts can be learned fairly fast, though. Can Obama ever learn the values of freedom and individualism? Can Obama unlearn a lifetime of being surrounded by anti-American radicals? I'm a lot more worried about the premises Obama brings to the White House (and his strange, nebulous character) than I am about Palin's preparedness to serve in the Oval Office if McCain should die as President.

Most of the debate can be dismissed as welfare state BS. Both Palin and Biden speak in platitudes designed to offend as few voters as possible. Obama talks about change and McCain talks about reform, but whoever gets elected will give us bigger government and business as usual.

Palin's biggest failing was to agree with her running mate -- something Vice-Presidents pretty much have to do -- that the problem on Wall Street is greed. Those darned financiers just wanted to make too much money, and somehow that created the current crisis. So Palin is rather stupid -- not in the way the Democrats think, but because she talks like a Democrat.

At one point, and I can't find a transcript of the debate to copy and paste from, Biden accused McCain of supporting deregulation. I believe Palin denied it. Deregulation did not cause the economic crisis; it is what we need to solve the problem and get the economy moving again. But on deregulation McCain/Palin side with the socialists. In their deep ignorance they have chosen to side with power over liberty, with darkness over light. History will not be kind to them.


Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Agreed. Palin missed a lot of counter punch opportunities and could have scored even more points by including government interference and regulation as a villain.

She showed that she has a lot of personality and charisma, but not much in the way of intellect or understanding of current economic issues as they relate to true capitalism. For a small business operator, she seems remarkably shy to speak out in favor of deregulation. Perhaps, it's a sign of the times?

I've always believed that people can handle the truth if told with sincerity, and as sincere as she can be; she missed a golden opportunity. A majority of people still don't want this bailout. They think it is their sense of fairness, but I think they sense that it may be the beginning of the end for capitalism and American living as we know it.

She could have made a difference in tomorrows vote, but the rub is that John McCain wants this atocity to pass. Tyranny is tyranny - it doesn't really matter who sits upon the throne.

v/r "Doc"

Dismuke said...

I listened to part of it on the radio. When it started, I was actually rooting for Palin - not because I like McCain (I don't) but because of the slime and sludge that has been thrown at her by the Walter Duranty media.

Her AGREEING with Biden that it was a lack of regulation (!) that caused the current economic mess - well, I wanted to puke. The Democrats and the Walter Duranty Media have been trying to lay the blame for the situation on capitalism. Here was a chance for someone who ought to know better to bypass the Walter Duranty media filters and educate the public on what REALLY caused the mess. But instead she merely echoed the media and the Democrats. That is pretty close to treason in my book. Was it her own doing - or was she simply following the wishes of her boss, John McCain? I am not really sure that it matters one way or another. The damage has been done.

And then when she started talking about climate change and cap and trade - well, that is when I turned it off in disgust. I simply could not sit through any more.

More than ever, this debate just concretized how much we are really SCREWED for the next four years or longer.

I now think that there is a good chance Obama is going to win this election. That frightens me profoundly. But the Republican Party as it is today does NOT deserve to win this election. Maybe if Obama is another Jimmy Carter, some of the Republicans who took a stand against the bailout earlier this week will lead an uprising in the name of something better. But what frightens me is that Obama will not be another Jimmy Carter but another FDR who will use the current "crisis" as a pretext for wide ranging "emergency powers" to ram through all sorts of horrible stuff that will make the bailout look insignificant by comparison. These people ARE Stalinists - and given power, they will act like Stalinists always do. And just like the real Stalin had the real Walter Duranty propagandizing on his behalf, today's Stalinists will have Duranty's heirs in the Walter Duranty Media on their side - a media which might very well gain back some of its old monopoly if the Democrats have their way and bring back the "Fairness" doctrine.

And if all that happens who deserves the most blame for it? Bush, first of all, McCain and Palin second. It is like Ayn Rand once said - a half battle is worse than no battle at all. It only helps your enemy and hastens your defeat.

Mike said...

Wow, how is nobody commenting on this shit? Is the internet on vacation right now or something?

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

"When Couric asked her what Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with, she couldn't even come up with Kelo."

Palin said she didn't say more because Couric annoyed her. Better late than never - she eventually did criticize Kelo. (I posted a video of it.)

And she's right about Wall Street greed - namely the "credit default swaps." There's a big difference between clever capitalism and a stupid lack of conscientiousness.