Saturday, September 06, 2008

A War Story

My niece in the USAF returned from her first tour of duty in Afghanistan. She'll have to go back before her four years is done.

She tells the story of a little Afghani girl who was blown up by a land mine. The girl lost limbs -- whether legs or arms, I don't know, but either way it's horrific. Her life was saved by first-rate care from American doctors on base.

When the girl recovered she was released to her family. The minute the family got outside the gate of the base, the father pulled out a gun and shot the girl dead in the dirt. In her disfigured condition, you see, that girl would not have been able to find a husband.

My niece has a low opinion of the natives in Afghanistan.


madmax said...

And our soldiers are dying to bring freedom and "democracy" to these people.

Altruism really sucks.

Craig said...

It has been a disgrace for years that our Marines and soldiers fight and die to establish -- and defend -- something which calls itself The Islamic Republic of ... anything.

This story is just one more piece of evidence that will go unheeded.

RyanTheEgoist said...
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RyanTheEgoist said...

Well, I'd like to think that your niece wouldn't be extraordinary for looking down on that kind of stuff, but it seems she is as more and more multiculturalists embrace this kind of barbarism.

Also Myrhaf, I just posted something over at my blog inspired by this.


Nick said...

Sounds plausible or like it could easily be an urban legend.