Monday, September 01, 2008

A Brief Thought

I listened to Hugh Hewitt as I drove to do an errand. The religious conservative Sam Brownback was on talking about how Obama is the most left-wing candidate ever.

And his examples of Obama's radical left-wing nature? Obama is pro-choice and for same-sex marriages.

Hell, I'm for those things! I guess to religious conservatives I'm a radical leftist.

If I keep listening to Hugh Hewitt, he will talk me into voting for Obama in November. His propaganda rubs me the wrong way -- even when I agree with it!

Not that it matters how I vote. I think McCain will win big. McCain and Palin make Obama and Biden look like sissies. Palin is a candidate who gets soccer moms and gun enthusiasts. And how often has one candidate done that?

Also, Palin has set the religious right on fire. Add to that McCain's appeal to independents and we have a landslide in the making.

Abstain: looking better every day.


Joseph Kellard said...

So Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. I was watching Fox News commentator on this issue. They noted how some far-left websites were using it to political advantage, and went on to say that it's a "private, personal" issue that is not relevant to Palin’s candidacy for vice president.

Oh, really? If that’s true, then so is abortion a personal, private issue—but Palin doesn't want it to be. She wants to ban it.

This raises the issue of what exactly is off limits and private as far as public information regarding presidential-V.P. candidates. Given the increasing degree of government involvement in our personal lives, I can't think of too many limits. And I consider it highly relevant when an anti-abortion V.P. candidate’s daughter gets pregnant. Palin should be challenged on it.

Myrhaf said...

From reports I've read, Obama ain't touching the issue of Bristol's pregnancy. Perhaps he is afraid of angering women, or perhaps he would look like a hypocrite, since the left as moral relativists are forgiving of pregnancy out of wedlock.

Rick "Doc" MacDonald said...

Young Ms. Palin will be used as a pawn by both sides over the next 60 plus days. The right will look at her with pride for electing to keep her baby, while the left will chide Ms. Palin for her absured abstinence position, and for not giving her daughter the tools or the education needed to avoid a pregnancy. There are two sides to every coin and the "family values" coin is no different.

Now, had one side chose to stick to the property rights as primacy position, they would have the upper hand. There is no property so valuable to an individual as his or her own body. To deny one the right to determine how that body will go through life is to deny individuals the most basic of human rights; therefore, without property rights, there can be no human or social rights - they are all one and the same.

Since neither side believes, supports or even understands property rights, both are morally corrupt and will use the issue to further degrade human rights and attempt to enslave others. Palin will be abetted by the religious right and the Obama will be assisted by every moonbat socialist on the left.

Neither side will see that the best solution reduce the scope and influence of government by restoring and respecting individual's rights to property and self-determination.

Issue summary - it's a wash or a marginal advantage to McCain/Palin

madmax said...

As you yourself pointed out in another post, Conservatives (especially the Cultural Conservatives) really care about three issues: abortion, gay marriage and immigration. Economic freedom is way down on their list if its on it at all. The entire Conservative big tent is saturated with religion. Even the more pro-capitalist Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh stress the importance of religion. Rob Trascinski used to talk about a "secular conservative" movement. I see no evidence of one and doubt we will see one for quite some time.

Myrhaf said...

It's amazing how no one on the left or right is talking about Palin's windfall profits tax on oil. They don't care about the creeping fascism in America. Instead, all I'm hearing is a lot of talk about pregnancies. American politics has hit the gutter.

Dismuke said...

I really hate this election.

I dislike McCain.

On the other hand, the Left these days is dominated by Stalinists.

Have you heard about this:

As bad as the Right is they generally do not stoop to such a level. Sure, there have been a few religious nut cases who have committed abortion clinic related terroristic crimes. But most people on the right are quick to condemn such behavior and how many Republican politicians would be seen as having ANYTHING at all to do with such people? Obama, on the other hand, is good buddies with two unrepentant, bomb throwing Weather Underground terrorists and most Leftists can't understand what all the fuss is about.

And notice that the only way they can answer Palin is to smear her. They have no rational arguments to offer or answer her with - just smears, arguments from intimidation and brute force. Their only answer to those who raise the question of William Ayres is to threaten the licenses of television stations and threaten private citizens who fund ads getting the truth out with legal prosecution. And, the sickening part of it is they are using John McCain's own law to make their threats.

The thugs on the Left and in Washington used to remind me of the villains in Atlas Shrugged. Anymore, they are starting to remind me of the villains in We The Living.

Myrhaf said...

I read that Powerline post, Dismuke, and like you I'm shocked. I've been pondering a post on it, and asking if it would be good law to just arrest anyone wearing a face mask at a demonstration. Would that be a violation of rights? I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know.

Dismuke said...

And I doubt that any mention of the thugs reported in Powerline will make its way to any of the mainstream media news outlets. That's because the ghost of Walter Duranty is fully in charge of MSM newsrooms and I'm sure there's probably hell to pay for any reporter who crosses him. Undoubtedly the Left maintains its internal control over the newsrooms the same way it gains and maintains any of its control: by threats, arguments from intimidation and force. Be a useful idiot or bye-bye news career.

Of course, if a bunch of Republican protesters so much as SPIT at a bus full of Democrats, that would be plastered all over the news.

madmax said...


Wouldn't Fox pick up the story? Granted, they are no defenders of freedom. But many of them do hate liberals.

Dismuke said...

Yes, I suppose it is possible that Fox might pick up on it. And so might talk radio. The Left, of course, has been demanding quite loudly that both Fox and talk radio be shut down. What's scary is if Obama wins and the Democrats get enough seats in the Congress, they might actually be able to do it.

And if McCain wins - well, he sure doesn't have much of a good track record when it comes to free speech either. And he certainly does not have much fondness for talk radio in that is has generally been extremely harsh on him over the years - and deservedly so. I wouldn't count on McCain being there to defend anything when push comes to shove. He is an appeaser just like Bush.

Gee, I sure am in a gloomy mood tonight, aren't I? As a rule, I tend to see the glass as half full. Tonight I am in "half empty" mode. I guess it is because we live in scary times. Or maybe it's this horrible head cold/flu I have that just won't go away and pretty much ruined my labor day weekend, most of which I spent in bed. Hopefully something will come along in the news soon that will cheer me up and restore my "half full" frame of mind.

mike18xx said...

Abstain: looking better every day.

"Join the Voters' Boycott!" -- Beck, for years.

(Bonus: When you don't vote, there's no chance of you inadvertently check-marking the box asking you if you'd like to update your address; the IRS can forget where you live if you don't do that.)