Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Democrat Convention

Did the networks censor what delegates they showed on camera? I never saw any "San Francisco Democrats" or leftist nutjobs or gays or lesbians.

For that matter, I saw no silly hats festooned with buttons. Gotta have the silly hats and the balloons at the end -- and we got neither.

Someday the older Obama daughter will be a stone cold HEARTBREAKER.

I think Obama had such a serious look on his face in his acceptance speech as a response to McCain's and the 527's attacks. This is more fallout from the Swiftboat trauma the Democrats suffered in 2004.

I have never heard a Republican call a Democrat unpatriotic. Anti-American, yes -- but not unpatriotic. Of course, Dems act as if any criticism regarding foreign policy or war is an accusation of patriotism. As usual, they are trying to shut their opponents up by delegitimizing any criticism.

John McCain should say something like, "Why does Obama act as if I said he does not put country first? When I use 'Country First' as my campaign slogan, I'm putting that idea forth as an ideal to which we all should aspire. I'm delighted Obama shares my ideal. But I'm baffled as to why he is so defensive about it. When I say I put country first, he acts like I've impugned his patriotism. I have news for you, Obama: not everything I say is about you. Grow up."

McCain should answer Obama's bravado about debating him with a call for more debates. "All right, Obama," he should say, "let's get it on. Bring it." Perhaps it is adolescent, but after Obama got in McCain's face in his speech, McCain must give it back or he will look weak.

The most suspense in the convention was watching MSNBC to see which of Keith Olbermann's colleagues he would anger next.

What is Clinton trying to show when he pulls this face?


Is this the face of grizzled experience? Statesmanship? Or is this bizarre grimace the product of a subconscious mind fucked up from a lifetime of lies and evasion?

The leftist argument about the Bush administration is full of nonsense trumped up by the MSM and repeated to the point that Democrats take it for reality. Guantanamo, torture, violating the Bill of Rights, not enough diplomacy, the world no longer loves us -- the list seems non-essential and beside the point, even if it were true. They don't think in principle and find the fundamental problems with Bush.

On Bush's economy the left gets even more surreal. Bush expanded big government. What would the left have done different, besides not cutting taxes, Bush's best policy? If a Democrat had been President for the last eight years, with the same economic policies (and 3.3% growth this quarter), the MSM would talk about how great the economy was. The "reality based community" sees the world it wants to see.

Obama needs to do townhall forum-type events in which he answers all questions from voters. Right now people only have a vague idea of who he is and he needs to correct that. By answering unscripted questions he can give his personality some definition. We need to see who he really is.

I'd like to know what percentage of the delegates at the Dem Con work for the government. I count public school teachers as government employees.


Bill Brown said...

Regarding silly hats and "San Francisco" protestors, here's some photos of both.

Myrhaf said...

Thanks for the link, Bill. I have no doubt the hats were there. I wonder if I just did not see them or if the networks made some strange decision to show only normally dressed people.

Luke Baggins said...

McCain has just named an evangelical as his running mate. What he should do is lose by a huge margin. If he wins, all hope of the republican party being anything other than a blood-o-the-lamb orgy dies for years to come.

Myrhaf said...

Luke, I'm tending to agree with you. My inclination to abstain has solidified some today.