Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

A good guitar is a thing of beauty. Recently I bought a Gibson Les Paul Special, a 1976 Gibson S1 and a Fender Stratocaster Plus on Ebay. Each guitar went for a reasonable price.

I have not yet played the Strat or the S1 but I got the Les Paul today and it feels in my hands like I was born to play it. The first thing I played was "Who Do You Love" in honor of the recently deceased Bo Diddley. Unfortunately, I live in a condo, so I have to listen on headphones or people start banging on the walls. It makes me wish I lived on a farm someplace where I could crank up a Marshall full stack by the barn and terrorize the chickens.

Once I finish the play I'm currently rehearsing, I hope to spend more time making music.

 les paul



Kim said...

All I know about guitars came from my guitar-loving but non-playing brother. I've heard of both of those so they must be really nice. They certainly look really nice. Is nice ever the right word to use for an electric guitar?

Congrats on your purchase! Sound's like you'll need to take a drive to an out-of-the-way park enjoy them appropriately.

Myrhaf said...

Thanks, Kim. Nice is the word guitarists would use. Although guitar maker Trevor Wilkinson seems to think Fenders and Gibsons are a little overvalued because they have nostalgic value. There are other guitars as good, they just don't have the Fender or Gibson name.

I need to go to my drummer friend's house and "kick it."

Billy Beck said...

oooo -- LPS. Man, I could just about lust for one of those. I had a double-cut model back in the early 80's and didn't really understand it. It's the P90 pickups, you see. My SG is currently set up with Seymour Duncan single-coils, but that's not the same as a Les Paul with P90's.

Good for you, Bill. You're probably really going to enjoy that.

Myrhaf said...

The P90's sound good to me. Someday I plan to go to a guitar store and see how a Gibson 335 feels. I think that's what my idol Alvin Lee plays. Maybe he plays a Gretsch -- one of those hollow bodies

Billy Beck said...

Alvin Lee played a 335 alright, but it was modified with a single-coil pickup in a middle position that never existed on a factory 335. Gibson is now doing a reproduction of that guitar. Google "Alvin Lee ES-335" and you'll see hits.

A little while back, I got to play one of the new Faded 335's with the regular dual-Hum pickup layout, and I thought it was pretty cool. Those Thinline ES guitars are generally worth their reputation across fifty years now.

Myrhaf said...

You play a 335 on one of your You Tube clips where you're jamming with a blues band and it sounds great.

Mike said...

Droolin' over the Les Paul. Don't know why you're wasting your time with Fenders when you own a perfectly good Gibson though. :)

Underrated guitar of the modern day: used late-'80s Ibanez Vai/Satriani style. Nobody wants them because they look cheesy as hell, but they play like nothing else you'll ever pick up. Incredibly precise action, perfect grip depth and contours, floyd rose locking tremolo, nice hair-metal humbucker pickups, it goes on and on. I found one once and a friend poached it out from under me before I pulled the trigger on deciding to buy it. Now he rubs it in every time I visit... "yeah just playing my Ibanez... it's a nice axe, you should go find one sometime"

Myrhaf said...

Maybe that Ibanez is worth checking out, but I have a low-end Ibanez that is a piece of crap. The other day I went to insert the cable into the guitar and the jack fell inside the body.

Billy Beck said...

Bill -- that guitar in the YouTube viddie is an ES-355. Structurally, it's the same as the 335. It's dressed differently, with all the Custom series appointments. Bound ebony fretboard, big-block fret markers, etc. That's a 1962 that I inherited from my father. He bought that thing in 1966 for $395. Today, the pickups in it alone are worth about six thousand dollars.

It's a wonderful guitar, and if it hadn't come down to me through the family, I couldn't afford to touch it.