Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Around the World Wide Web 71

1. Batman's arch-villain the Penguin might want one of these.

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2. Watch the moon orbit the Earth -- from the outside.

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3. It turns out that both Laura Ingraham and Keith Olbermann are assholes to their coworkers. Jerkdom knows no partisanship.

4. Time Magazine is now lobbying for national service:

Time magazine isn't satisfied with reporting the news. It wants to play both journalist and lobbyist. Their website announced: "TIME is helping to lead a major push to make national service a priority in Washington. And we want you to get involved". In his "To Our Readers" article this week, Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel announced that Time has joined in a lobbying group called "Service Nation" to promote legislation for more federal government programs of volunteering. If the phrase "more federal government programs of volunteering" sounds strange, you're not on Time's wavelength.

The idea of "national service," like environmentalism, is so uncontroversial to statists that a news magazine thinks it can lobby for it without raising complaints about their bias. And why not? Both McCain and Obama want more servitude among Americans. Anyone who mumbles about freedom these days is just a fringe wacko.

5. Obama knows how to buy votes in Michigan: Obama pledges $4b in aid for Detroit automakers. This is the road to fascism.

6. "We are emancipating human imagination."

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