Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here and There

Life goes well. Among work, writing and acting, I stay busy. We're down to the last two weeks of rehearsal, when rehearsals go a little longer.

I heard about a young Christian couple that have been going together for eight months -- and they've never kissed. All I can say is... that poor guy. When I was young even the Christians were pretty loose. Certainly they kissed. This dedication to chastity is something of a change in our culture. When I hear things like this, I think, "Holy shit -- Peikoff is right!"

I received a book in the mail today, The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V by William Robertson, a figure of the Scottish Enlightenment. I bought it because I just read a play, Fiesco by Friedrich Schiller and he got the story from this history. Fiesco is about a conpiracy to seize power, like Julius Caesar, but it has a plot twist Shakespeare never would have thought up. When I was in my 20's and avid to read Schiller's plays, I could not find Fiesco. Now with POD publishing, there are two versions available -- yet another way the Information Revolution is making it a better world.

Fiesco is not Schiller's best play, but it is not without interest. Fans of romantic drama would love it, but anyone not used to reading old plays might be bored by it. I love how his characters talk about great or beautiful souls; the noble soul is one of Schiller's themes. The theme of the play is one of the greatest ever: love vs. power-lust; or perhaps the theme is power corrupts.

I must take a break from blogging for a few days.

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