Monday, July 02, 2007

Around the World Wide Web 9

1. Here is a cure for global warming that the environmentalists won't want to consider: throw pollutants into the atmosphere! It worked in 1816.

2. The leftist Howard Zinn has written an anti-American essay in time for Independence Day. Zinn confuses nationalism with patriotism. My take? Zinn wants to destroy American sovereignty, which is a disguised way of destroying America.

3. This strikes me as good news, possible big news. We should have leaned on Islamabad years ago to let us pursue terrorists into Pakistan. If we're to fight a serious war, there should be no place on Earth we will not go to destroy the enemy. Can you imagine General Patton stopping, say, at the border of Yugoslavia because bureaucrats in the State Department did not want to "destabilize" the region? (The Middle East needs to be destabilized.)

4. Rich Lowry goes into how bloggers stopped the immigration bill. The reactions of politicians in both parties remind me a little of the Dan Rather Texas Air National Guard story. The people are daring to make their voices heard and this angers those in power. It's something they're still not used to. And it is interesting that they continue to think in the top down model; they blame talk radio for stirring up discontent about the bill, when talk radio was responding to the anger that is already out there in the people. I'm not happy about the defeat of the immigration bill, but I am happy about this trend. Never before has the "Average Joe" had so much power to be heard and to make a difference. The Trent Lotts inside the Beltway need to get with the new reality created by the Information Revolution.

5. The music industry is in crisis. I think it's because artists have forgotten how to write a catchy melody. Rap and Heavy Metal have no melodies. The singer-songwriters you hear in Starbucks or on AAA stations sound like a bunch of whining pansies. Their melodies are as limp as an old man's [bleep]. (Or has Viagra made this metaphor obsolete?)

UPDATE: Revision.

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Tom Rowland said...

This old man's [bleep] is strong enough to say how whole heartedly I agree that the current crop of musicians are unable to write a good melody. This also acounts, I believe for the rapid turnover and constant search for the "new."