Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Age Altruists

Instapundit posts on the health dangers of a vegan diet.

Bill Quick responds:
Vegans are whackjobs. Humans evolved as meat-eaters. Our guts are almost indistinguishable from those of pure carnivores. Modern vegans (who aren’t very smart to begin with - probably because of calorie shortfall) have problems with understanding that the ripe, juicy strawberries, the huge, sweet apples, the mountains of fluffy bread, the savory carrots and the fat potatoes they love so much didn’t exist while man was evolving as a meat-eating animal.

Hunter-gathers hunted almost exclusively. What little gathering went on might have, on rare occasions, contributed as much as 200 calories per capita of shriveled roots or sour, shrunken berries to the foodstocks of the family or tribe. Fat is a much more efficient storehouse of energy., and for humans living in the wild, a high calorie intake was a necessity - a necessity that could not even remotely be met by a vegan lifestyle, which was impossible anyway.

A human living on a meat-only diet will survive just fine. A human living on a vegan diet will sicken and die. The one tiny bit of logic possessed by vegans is their purported desire to leave a “light footprint” on the face of the earth. And pure, unsupplemented vegans will leave the lightest footprints of all - as premature corpses.
Veganism, animal rights and environmentalism are movements that result from the decline of reason in our culture meeting the moral imperatives of altruism. New Age types think in unfocused emotions, not logic. They see humans eating animals, a practice that is without question selfish, and in their inability to distinguish between rational and non-rational animals, conclude it is immoral. Or perhaps they don’t think rigorously enough to denounce it as immoral, they just get a vague emotional reaction that meat eating is wrong. Vegans, like environmentalists, are not driven primarily by any practical purpose, but by the moral purpose of sacrifice.

Unfortunately, they are not just a danger to themselves. If animals have equal rights to humans, then humans are no better than animals. Animals have nothing but force to use against other animals. The more consistent New Agers, not understanding man’s nature as a rational animal, will end up advocating violence to men if such is justified by an altruist-collectivist end. Consistent environmentalists have already come to this in their yearning for the “right virus” to wipe out billions of humans.


Galileo Blogs said...

Thank you for an insightful post regarding vegans/vegetarians. Altruism combined with atrophied reasoning capabilities describes this movement and all the other similar movements perfectly.

One of the latest is the effort to reduce one's "carbon footprint". Of course, the ultimate reduction of one's carbon footprint is to stop breathing and emitting carbon dioxide, and to simply die. Followed by recycling of one's body into worm-mulch.

Most enviro-zombies won't be so consistent. Instead, they will blindly advocate policies that call for the slow-torture of all of us, and a lot of vain symbolic gestures. Their hypocrisy means slow-death instead of the principled fast-death (e.g.: the "right virus") their creed calls for.

Inspector said...

Low-Tech backlink for you, Myrhaf!

EdMcGon said...

I want my meat AND my veggies! Is that so wrong? :)

Galileo Blogs said...

I re-read your post and had a different, almost Pavlovian response. My mouth watered at the thought of devouring a tasty steak. So, I bought a thick New York boneless strip, which I am going to sear at 600 degrees on my gas grill tonight. Cavemen never had it this good, although they were definitely on to something when they discovered fire.

Inspector said...

Mmmmm, Galileo, now you've got my mouth watering. I love a good New York Strip Steak. Ruth Chris' makes the best I've had: medium rare and seared with butter.


Myrhaf said...

I'd go out and have a steak with you, Inspector, but I'd get stuck with the tip.