Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An American Fascist

Neal Boortz examines Hillary Clinton’s war on individualism.

I think many politicians in both parties agree with her entirely, but they are smart enough not to speak so clearly that their collectivism can be easily discerned. For whatever reason, Hillary revels in semi-open statements of collectivism. For example, she recently made a statement that she would like to take the profits of energy companies and put them into a fund, overlooking the inconvenient concept of property rights. Perhaps in her mind property rights no longer exist.

In a perverse way one has to admire her courage and frankness. She is like a hit man who faces his victims and says, “Your life is over. I’m gonna kill you.” She’s not the hit man who says, “Hey, let’s be friends” and while he is slapping you on the back he fires a .22 into your brain behind your ear.

Hillary’s semi-openness does make her more dangerous if she ever gets into the Oval Office. It will mean that Americans have been softened to the point that they will elect a somewhat open collectivist. The left will be emboldened to expand their power grabs beyond the incremental increases we’re used to seeing.


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