Friday, April 20, 2007

God's Spokesman

Have you heard of this Fred Phelps character? Being neither homosexual nor religious, I had not paid attention to these people before. His motto is “God hates fags,” which he considers profound. I guess it’s so profound that the profundity eludes my simple mind.

Phelps says that God controls the destiny of every human. If that is so, then didn’t God create fags? Does God hate what He Himself is responsible for? (A form of the problem of evil.)

Doesn’t Jesus talk about loving sinners and not passing judgment? How do these people justify the contradiction?

One of their signs says, “God Sent the IED’s.” They’re saying that God sent terrorists to kill Americans because of homosexuality. Like Dinesh D’Souza, they are apologists for terrorism because they have a problem with America. If Phelps wants something really profound to read, he should try Leonard Peikoff’s essay, “Religion vs. America.”

These people are the best evidence yet that God does not exist. I mean, would an all-powerful God let these fools claim to speak for Him? Not only them, but also the peanut butter guy, not to mention terrorists killing innocent people in His name. If there were a God, then there would be a lot of people out there making Him look bad.


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EdMcGon said...

You have nailed the hypocrisy in Fred Phelps, but you can't stretch that to say that God put him out there as a representative. "Free will" allows us a lot of b.s. ;)

Myrhaf said...

There is a conflict between free will and a supernatural being who controls everyone's destiny. That's because the concept of God is nonsense.

EdMcGon said...

Myrhaf, there are two schools of thought in Christian theology. One is that we have free will; the other is that God has preordained everything, therefore what we do is actually predetermined.

You are correct in pointing out the conflict, but to say it is representative of ALL Christian thought is incorrect. Different Christian religions fall on different sides of this debate. Phelps falls on one side, whereas more moderate Christian religions will fall on the side that says God allows us free will.

In other words, few (if any)Christians will support both views.

Myrhaf said...

Ed, all I meant by the title of my post, "God's Spokesman," is that Phelps thinks he is speaking for God when he says "God Hates Fags." You replied, "you can't stretch that to say that God put him out there as a representative." I assure you, I don't think that because I do not believe in God. There are no supernatural beings, so anyone who claims to be His representative is wrong.

The problem with religion is that there is no method to find out who really speaks for God. Their epistemology is based on faith in a supernatural being that does not exist, not on reason. Christian knowledge is based on faith and "revelation," instead of reason based on the facts of reality perceived by the senses. How can we judge whether Fred Phelps's revelation is the truth or whether Reverend Al's or even Mohammed's revelation is the truth? In the end, the only arbiter is force.