Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Few Things

1. In last night’s rehearsal I tore a calf muscle. I felt it pop as I was onstage and then I hobbled through the rest of rehearsal. From what I read on the internet, if it is a grade 1 tear, then the recovery is 2-3 weeks; a grade 2 tear takes 1-2 months. If I were a baseball player, I’d be on the disabled list.

Why did this happen? Probably because my part is quite physical and I did not stretch before rehearsal.

Now I have to walk with shortened steps and take it easy and hope this is a grade 1 tear.

2. I have heard the Virginia Tech massacre described as a “tragedy.” It’s not a tragedy, it’s an atrocity. The killer committed an act of evil. The bastard should be judged harshly and reviled forever in our memory. Let us not dishonor the victims by using words that let the miserable little f**k off the hook.


Blair said...

Hope the leg/knee gets better. Get it checked out! Best of luck with the play.

Myrhaf said...

After checking the internet, I don't think there is much a doctor can do for a pulled calf muscle. He'd tell me to take it easy and it should get better with time. He might put an ace bandage on my leg, but I can do that myself. The only cure is time.

The rehearsals are coming along very well, thanks.

Tom Rowland said...

Now this is taking "break a leg" far too close to reality. HEAL!!

As for the atrocity, well said.

Inspector said...

Ah, Tom beat me to the "break a leg" joke.

Get well soon, Myrhaf!

Myrhaf said...

Thanks to all. I'm feeling better already, but I'm tired. I need a day off.

Inspector said...

Here is a low-tech backlink for you, Myrhaf.