Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Trek

I watched "Star Trek" at the IMAX. It was cleverly written. The actors all look like youthful versions of the original cast, and that's fun. Nice eye candy.

Of course, as with all summer blockbusters, you have to check your brain at the door. (Skydiving from space?) These movies pile improbability on improbability until one stops caring about the people or the plot and just absorbs the special effects and spectacle in a kind of numbness. If my praise sounds faint, it's about as much as I can muster for a Hollywood action-adventure flick.

To think that people used to go to plays by Schiller and Hugo, and now they're happy with sound and fury signifying nothing.

This being Hollywood, the movie had the obligatory "Don't be logical, trust your feelings," line. How original! If they ever made a movie that shows reason as a value, I'd faint. (Actually, I've never fainted. I'd probably say, "Hm. Didn't see that coming.")

I shiver in dread to think how Hollywood will f**k up Atlas Shrugged.


samaBlog said...

Re: Atlas, Me too.

smacklin said...

In the Hollywood version, the bridge collapses and the train explodes in a massive fireball.

Inspector said...

I guess my bar on these is pretty low. I'm happy with a movie like this if they manage to simply not desecrate a franchise. It may have been sound and fury signifying not-a-whole-lot but to my taste, that's better than signifying something *awful*, which, to judge from that swipe at reason, is where they might have gone had they tried to be deep.

In short, I found it fine enough as far as these things go.

khartoum said...

Great review!