Thursday, May 29, 2008

If You Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Why must lefties tease us every election by promising to leave if the Republican wins -- but they never, ever leave? Add Susan Sarandon to the list of those considering a move.

Now, leftists might be correct that America is becoming a right-wing fascist hell. With the rise of religion it could happen. People who value freedom might prefer to stay in America and fight for it, but there is no duty to do so. If someone wants to leave, that is his right.

But it seems to me the worst thing you can do is threaten to leave if a Republican is elected, then stay when it happens. Then you are admitting by your actions that your words were just so much gas. Then you demonstrate by your actions that the Republicans have not yet turned America into a nightmare dictatorship, but that America is still a place where even loud-mouthed leftists prefer to live. You make yourself look stupid and your enemy look good.

Please, leftists, have some integrity this time. If you promise to leave if McCain is elected, then leave when it happens. Go to Canada. Go to France. Go to the moon if you want, just go.

Otherwise, we will be forced to conclude that you were scoring cheap points when you shot your mouth off and that you are not to be taken seriously.


Jim May said...

Well, the problem with all that is that the Left has *never* been held to account for its disasters... they just redefine terms so they can claim that this particular disaster or that one was really the other side's fault -- as they did with eugenics/racism after the National Socialists blew up in their faces after WWII.

The same goes for communism -- all they do is make pathetic excuses about how the Soviet Union etc. were not "true" Marxism, etc. and voila -- they get a pass on that one too.

The notion of being morally responsible for one's ideas is unique to Objectivism -- because it is only in that context that ideological causation can be demonstrated, and moral responsibility for one's ideology assigned.

Jim May said...

Addendum (hit submit too quickly)

All that is why you won't see Sarandon follow through -- she knows she won't be held to it by anyone.

Sarandon and her ilk are merely Gilbert Keith-Worthing (from "Atlas Shrugged") in reverse: when they see the fruits of their ideas around the world, they choose to stay in America.

Myrhaf said...

I believe they say these things every election for the same reason that they fantasize about Republicans putting them in concentration camps: psychological projection. Deep down they know that give unlimited power they would persecute their enemies.

Elliot said...

These idiots only help Republicans. If anyone is motivated by these "threats" to vote it would be those Republicans who want them to leave.

I don't vote, on principle, but if I could motivate Susan, Alec, Woody, et al. to leave the country by expressing my political views, I'd go out of my way to do so.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

What I find troubling is that I think Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda are sexy old women. I mean I'm a very old queer but they both make me want to "play rude" (as the Jamaicans call sex) with them.

Myrhaf said...

But if you had sex with Susan Sarandon, you would have to talk to her afterward...