Sunday, February 05, 2006

Democrat Thinking

Here is the description of Bob Fertik at

Bob Fertik is a life-long progressive and Democratic Party activist, as well as a blogger, journalist, author, systems analyst, candidate, political consultant, and entrepreneur. He has been profiled in the New York Times, Newsday, and the New York Sun.

Fertik is a recognized leader in feminist politics. He is the co-founder of the Pro-choice Resource Center, Eleanor's List, Political Woman Newsletter, Women Leaders Online, and the Women's Voting Guide. He serves on the board of the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion and co-author (with WCLA's Polly Rothstein) of "Pro-choice Power."

He graduated from Yale College with a B.A. in Economics in 1979, and lives with his family in New York City.

Fertik debated Al Gore's victory in Election 2000 and popular opposition to the Iraq War with Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor on 9/25/02 and left O'Reilly fuming for days. Fertik publicly challenged O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, and the rest of the Fox News cast to a debate on 4/16/02 but no one at Fox has the guts to take him on.

Fertik co-founded with David Lytel in January 2000. Lytel left at the end of 2002 to launch

Fertik is not some nutcase on the internet, but a respected Democrat who has been consulted by politicians. Here is what he recently posted on his blog:

The White House is being way too quiet today, and the silence is eerie.

[I]s Karl Rove planning a terrorist attack during the Super Bowl, in order to set the stage for building towards war with Iran over the coming year?

You have to read the whole thing to get an idea of Bob Fertik’s bizarre thinking. The man is a respected member of the Democrat establishment.

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