Monday, April 21, 2008

America's Most Disgraceful Ex-President

Does it get worse than this?

"When I go to a dictatorship, I only have to talk to one person and that's the dictator, because he speaks for all the people."

-- Jimmy Carter, explaining the benefits of meeting with Hamas terrorists in Syria

All the people struggling to survive in dictatorships have been betrayed by this buffoon of a peanut farmer.

What a long, steep decline it is from Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter!


Kendall J said...

Ah, a benefit of dictatorship: efficiency in statecraft.

Yikes. That really is stunning.

C. August said...

Wow. I thought the hugs for Hamas thing was bad.

I'm just flabbergasted at the sentence you quoted. It's hard to believe that anyone, let alone an ex-President, could ever utter that with a straight face. It's like a bad reality TV show where you just can't believe that someone truly, honestly believes the ignorant crap that comes out of their mouth, and for the sake of your sanity you choose to think they were playing it up for the cameras.

But I think that Carter has fully bought into the terrible ideas he supports. I wonder... does he think he is supporting American ideals? Or has he "transcended" that, in his own mind?

He must be smart enough to realize he has utterly divorced himself from the ideas of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, and is explicitly advocating the opposite. He just thinks what he's doing is right. That is scary.

Michael Neibel said...

c. august:

"He just thinks what he's doing is right."

Yes! As did Hitler, Stalin and all the other butchers of history. I once said that today we are being led by children in charge. I was wrong on the time. We have been for a while. That quote shows how detached from reality carter really is.

Anonymous said...

Let us get things into perspective. Here in the UK we had rebellion in Northern Ireland until we talked to the IRA - now we have peace in Northern Ireland.

When the US and UK illegally invaded Iraq just over 5 years ago 1 Euro bought you one US dollar.

Today just less than 5 years after President George Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" one Euro will buy you one US dollar and 59 cents.

Oil was US$20 a barrel and closed today at US$117.48.

A gallon of regular unleaded gas cost about 90 cents US and today the average price for regular gasoline across the USA was a record $3.508 a gallon - source U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Just who is the bad president in context?

Anonymous said...

I guess the commenter has no notion of what happened when the UK "talked to" the Germans some seventy-plus years earlier?

I have to say I got a good laugh out of it when the worst thing the commenter could come up with after all the BS is the charge that Bush is -- of all things -- inflating the currency!

While that is indeed true, I bet ten devalued bucks that "anonymous" isn't old enough to remember what Carter's presidency is best known for.

Carter is indeed the worst president of all time; the utter depravity of the quoted statement locks it in.

Kendall J said...

Anonymous reminds me of this sign.

It is if he had his own that read "Would Carter have destroyed the economy like Bush did?".

Oh... wait. He did actually. Where does anonymous think the term "stagflaation" comes from.

In fact, to the extent that Bush can be claimed to be a bad President, which he most certainly can, it is by following in Carter's footsteps. He's (Bush) has made a shambles of the economy. He's appeasing totalitarian Iran, while bumbling in the Iraqi desert. And he's appeasing the largest communist nation on the planet (China). Looks just like Carter to me. Maybe they're neck and neck?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous' post was a leftist rant but it did underscore just how bad Bush's presidency has been. But to a leftist, Bush is evil not because of his Christian socialism or because of his watered down Christian Pacifism. No, he is evil because he is not a full blown Commie and America hater like your typical liberal. While I dislike the Conservatives intensely, today's leftists utterly disgust me.

John Kim